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  • Aoiro


  • Tmrrw

    I've got the same thing going on. Now it's hard to run a specific channel in the server that I'm in! I hope they will change it soon, because it's too bad there is no disable old messages permission when people get a role in a specific channel. 


  • mintblackbeard

    Totally agree. This is really irritating and makes the permission near unusable and quite misleading.

  • Erudian

    Honestly, I'm so glad I found this thread before I messed with the permissions and caused confusion on my server. IMO, the way this permission option (Read Message History) is worded seems like it should do as the OP states:
    ALLOW - The user can see ALL of the messages EVER sent to the channel (granted that they have permission to view the channel and its messages in the first place, of course), including from before they joined the server/were granted a particular role.

    DENY - The user SHOULD NOT be able to see any messages from before they joined the server/were granted a particular role. They SHOULD, however, be able to see ALL of the messages from the point where they joined the server/were granted a particular role, regardless of if they have signed in or checked the channel recently.

    I don't necessarily think it requires any additional, more granular permission settings, but it certainly couldn't hurt to make this option more clear. As it is, this permission can definitely be confusing.

  • Istriwala(The Iron Man)

    seriously man this message history thing is fucking annoying and i want it to be fixed real soon


  • DPOverlord

    How is this even allowed. Make it like irc, if you are in you see the messages, if you come in, you should not be able to see messages goin back YEARS AND YEARS.

  • Erudian

    In certain channels, it may be appropriate for new members to be able to see all of the history - for example, "help" or "FAQ" channels. Being able to search through "years and years" of posts to find an answer to your own question would be beneficial. In other channels - such as those for server mods, guild "officers", etc. - you may not want new members to be able to see the discussions that took place prior to them joining the channel (maybe some of those discussions were about the new arrival). I can definitely see applications for both of these use-case scenarios.

    What I don't think is at all intuitive is the current implementation of the "Read Message History" permission (see my "rant" above).

  • Mrfatmanjunior

    > you may not want new members to be able to see the discussions that took place prior to them joining the channel (maybe some of those discussions were about the new arrival).

    This is what we need.

  • Jerjo

    I agree. This should definitely be a feature that moderators czn control. New members shouldn't need to see certain channel history..

  • ShadowMaster10

    I've been trying to see chat history on a server but the owner doesn't know to let me



  • the Spike protein

    You all are asking for the stupidest thing ever. I just want users without access to history to see pinned messages otherwise what's tf point of pinned messages it does nothing!

  • iwsfg

    You all are asking for the stupidest thing ever. I just want users without access to history to see pinned messages 

    Then go create your own suggestion and comment on it how it's the greatest feature ever.

    This one is about "Message history" permission being essentially broken by design in many many ways and pretty much useless

  • Nehzinn

    Just ran into same issue.
    Wording suggest not being able to read message history before being accepted into said channel. This is what should be implemented.
    For whomever cares about the current feature of a live-channel, feel free to move it somewhere else. But I believe most users want the above first off.

  • Ominous_One


  • Davide Ragazzi

    Hi Discord Team!

    Requirement/Problem: Adding a new contributor/user/friend into a Discord channel and have the ability to let them see the messages only since they joined, not the past ones. Unfortunately, this is not possible right now.

    Solution: Changing the "Read Message History" feature, or adding other permissions to this feature to achieve the aforementioned behavior. In fact, the current "Read Message History" solves another use case.

    This new feature should be quite easy to implement considering the "Read Message History" feature. Plus, adding it to Discord would solve a real problem for enterprise use of Discord. Whatsapp and Slack have it as well. If you could add it in your next updates, that would be great!

    Thank you for your time! Have a nice day!

  • boycott

    i have a super big problem, when i enabled the history for everyone, there is one channel in which doesnt work, and i dont get why :c

  • MidnightDevil

    How the hell after 2 years of requests / issues / recommendations / suggestions, the discord team still hasn't implemented a way for a new user to not be able to access the channel chat history? I don't want them to have to be logged in to see the messages, I want to invite a new user and I'm not interested in him seeing the history of the chat. Just from the moment he joins, that's it. This is an app mostly used for games and sometimes we invite new gamers which previously they may have been an opponent. Not that we're talking crap about them but there may be info that I don't want accessible, only from there on.


    Come on discord team, do something! 

  • Crim

    Adding further support for this request.
    I want to invite someone else to a server, but want do not want them to see anything said prior to their joining.
    The only other option is to start an entirely new server for my group of friends, and that means hanging on to an old server for archival/search purposes AND a new server. It's just a ridiculous set of options either way.
    ...I guess the *best* options is to make duplicate channels, move the old ones into an archived/hidden list current/previous members can access via roles... and then the duplicate channels replace the old ones... Ugh.

  • Sool

    been 2 years and there's still nothing...
    support team or whatever lol they only care about fixing some useless nitro features, meanwhile this one right here has been bugging people for like 3 years and made so many problems for people.

  • Basix

    I can’t believe this is still an issue.

  • ToxcsmWolf

    This feature would also be great on a by channel base, since most servers have something like internal team channel but don't want new memer to read messages from before. So it would be really great to have something like "only read message starting with permission to see"

  • RobotPenguin

    Its been like 3 years and nothing has changed what

  • River

    It's honestly weird that this topic has had little to no attention from anyone from discord's team, it has been an issue in multiple servers I've been a part of. With how Discord works, the current setting makes no sense except for a select few people. Most users have multiple servers that they are part of, and at times will balance multiple conversations between channels and servers.

    The issue I'm running into now is that I have a server that is trying to implement a vetting channel because there have been issues with things like raids in the past, as well as just wanting to ensure some people that join the server genuinely want to be a good part of the community. We don't want anyone just to be able to scroll through everyone else's vetting questions, because we have a measure to make sure people respond a certain way if they have read the rules, so we don't want any new member seeing that, and just copying it rather than going to read the rules. So the chat history should be turned off for them, but then if they click out of the channel, they won't see if a mod tells them that they need to answer something better or read the rules. The other option is for us to purge the channel every time someone is vetted, but we would like to keep track of the answers for record keeping. 

    The point that I'm getting is that the setting just does not make sense for how discord works. The app is made for users to chat in multiple communities, and if that chat history is turned off, it isn't possible for someone to partake in an ongoing conversation in any productive way... I don't imagine it would be a tremendous undertaking to implement the setting people have described here... Discord's indifference upsets me, especially after three years of complaints made here over something that honestly feels like it should be common sense. If they can make all sorts of additions to profile customization for nitro users, then surely they should be able to implement something like this that improves the user experience for all of its users.

  • MonicaRose

    this would be a great future if we had a toggle setting where it allowed  new users or specific roles to view messages  sent before they joined

  • Zackary

    Please look into this feature more Discord Support. An issue I am facing is that I want new users to verify their email address from a program they are paying to be in. But I want to keep the read history off so that they don’t see everyone else’s emails. But when they join the server, the welcome message is sent to them, but they will never see it because the chat isn’t in focus yet. So when they click into the verify channel, it’s just blank and they don’t know what to do. Doesn’t make any sense that it won’t show messages from a chat that’s not in focus. At least change it to show all messages in all channels until they log out or leave the site. This is just causing too many problems and it’s been over 3 years with no response. Hell, I would even be willing to pay for your upgraded features if I could do something as basic as this. I’m sure others would too

  • Zackary

    Or allows us to choose a time frame from when they can see messages. Ex. 1 hour or 1 day. That way they can at least see welcome messages without having to keep the chat history on

  • QuietNoise

    I just came here to say this is the most useless permission I've ever faced. Can someone from Discord team actually provide a real life use case for this permission to make sense?

  • Kitsune

    I can't believe this haven't been fixed yet lol

  • Christina D Atkinson

    I came here with the exact opposite problem to what everyone else is reporting. Why is that permission allowing anyone except the person who made the message to see the message at all?

    In a server I'm in we have a channel for creating tickets to report issues with the server or issues created by other people. We don't want anyone to see any messages except the people who made the messages, and the mods.

    The fact that, if I open the channel, to clear the notification that someone has made a post, I can then see any future messages until I close completely out of discord breaks the anonymity of the ticket system.


    Maybe we need to break this into two different permissions. One to allow you to only see what was posted after you joined the server/channel, and one to allow you to see nothing posted in the channel unless you posted it.


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