Bots in Group Chats



  • JackTEK
    I don't think this is a good idea, here's why I think this: > It'd provide problems for us bot developers for a little while > Certain things such as music or serverinfo commands wouldn't work and may potentially break the bot On the other hand, this would be useful for certain situations such as when you wish to demonstrate something to someone but don't want to have to create a server for it.
  • lengo
    I don't think this is necessary.
  • ieuan

    Will cause problems.

  • Sal

  • Senpai


  • an imposter!

    i think this would be great. im plural, me and my headmates use a single account and use a bot to show who's saying what. unfortunately the bot only works in servers, so in dms and group chats it gets confusing. itd be nice to be able to bring the bot to group chats instead of needing to make a new server for like 1 or 2 other people. maybe its niche, but there are uses

  • able

    Would be great.

    There can be serverbots and groupbots. So no problems are caused.


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