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  • Toru Muranishi

    So you know you can link your steam yt etc accounts on discord right?? Do they get un-linked on their own if you don't use the account in a while? How does it work.

  • Tiggerlover

    I made this email not 2 minutes ago and went to make a discord account. When I got here however, it said I had already made an account using this email. I tried to log in with the password I had used before, but it told me that it was incorrect.I thought it was a glitch and had discord send a email to my account to change the password. I logged in, but it seems that I logged into someone else's account. Someone who used an email that did not exist or was deleted. Their contacts are all there, their messages are as well. What is going on, and what can I do to make my own account and give the other person their account back?

  • Nii-Chan-San

    I wanted to ask if, for example, my cousin was under 13 but then when it was his birthday he turns 13+. So how do I get my cousin account back?

  • RichardTRC

    Can you follow an announcements channel to put it in your own private server, and still receive the announcements after you leave the server it was in initially?


    Hush Hush Hoe, this is fake. Discord is not shutting down because it's "too populated" (wth type of copypasta is that)

  • Jazzy

    Hi 🌀ꨄ,

    Unfortunately, no. If you report someone and they do end up deleting the message before the Trust and Safety Team review the report, the message will be viewed as deleted, since all deleted messages are deleted off of Discord’s database.


  • aerach

    Hey, in regards to being staff on a server
    Can owners give out the mods and admins assigned work shifts for 7 hours at a time?
    I'm concerned for the staff of a partnered server I'm in

  • 갈비

    Hi! Regarding the Trick'ord Treat Bot, how many items can you collect? And if multiple collect the max amount of items there are who gets the Champion of Halloween role?

  • ZeusAbarro

    I read the support for mobile screen sharing and i saw that you have to be Android 10 and up to them to hear whats on your screen and i have Android 9 can you just make it available on Android 9

  • lavendermoth

    does anyone know how to mark images as spoiler on mobile without saving to files? some friends have been able to but i cant

  • Ihteshamm2007

    If i have been banned from a server using my main account and i join it back using my alt account. Is that bannable to both my account? someone said it is and im rlly sorry

  • silence

    I have a weird question. Is it possible to have 2 spotify account on 1 discord account??

  • Lol op

    are we going to get all data after restore discord account?

  • Alex Rodriguez

    uhh i just wanted to know something and ask about how activate status works. because my girl friend whenever he gonna go offline, his activate status is still up for 2mins then he'll go straight up invisible status instead going through idle status.

    is that how status works? isn't that some sort of delay or something? because when i tested it on my alt it's different. it goes through idle status when you close the app then in a few minutes will turn to invisible 

  • 『♡Jack☆』

    Is Discord Really Being Shut Down Cause It’s Over Populated?

  • kiss_my_axe

    Hi! I seen a video on YouTube and I seen a girl kinda mocking a girl’s death and I seen that she made a discord sever and when I looked at the name of it I don’t know but I think that this person is about a teenager and I seen her name of the sever and let’s say it is a place where grown men to look at someone but I kinda uncomfortable writing this but I was wounding if it’s against the rules of discord

  • Dacatboy

    I don’t know if any of you guys realize but you can’t make a normal channel with a space it only works for voice channels can discord fix this please or is this just purposely made like this

  •  So i want to know how to fix this problem. My problem is when i try to talk no one can hear me but i can hear other people talking. pls help!! 

  • 🌀ꨄ

    What if i reported someone, got the message link and sent them to discords support and safety team but then the person deleted the message shortly after i got the message link, will the safety team still be able to see the message?

  • Hush Hush Hoe

    So I got the below message and I wanna know if this is real. Can someone tell me?

    HinataToday at 12:40 PM
    Hello, this is a message from the discord creator and he tells you a little bit about what will happen on discord on July 23rd. Please do not send it back to the person you received it. Dear Discord members, Discord is supposed to close on November 7, 2020 because it has become too populated. Many members complained that the discord has become very slow. Indicate that there are many active members of the discord but also many new members. We will send this message to see if the members are active or not. If you are active, please send to 15 other users using copy and paste to show that you are still active. Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks will be deleted without hesitation to make more room. Send this message to all your friends to show you're still active and you will not be deleted.

  • Turtle-Memes

    According to this you were doing the same thing so, I do appreciate the notice but you could be a bit less, pushy? I don't really know if that was the word I was looking for, I'm not mad or looking for a reply by the way, just saying.

    (I don't care if you downvote I will too just because this is unrelated)


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