Change Nitro Badge Image and On/Off Feature




    discord support pls save us from vag badges

    i cannot show my face in my own server anymore

  • aIex

    pwease daddy dwiscord 

  • Lengo
    That would be cool but could be abused or just hard to find an image to put there.
  • summer

    @Lengo, It would be completely optional! But adds to the overall design and editing ability Discord is introducing with Server Icons, Server Banners and the works!


    And I'm sure Discord would put a limit to the number of times you upload, like they do our own personal icons.

    Also, the ON/OFF feature would be per person. If you don't like said badge, simply turn it off for yourself.

  • daisy

    Though I am a lesbian, I agree that turning the Nitro Boosting image on and off as well as being able to change the image would be extremely useful, and it should be allowed to anyone already paying discord $10 a month. I know this feature is still quite new, however, it would massively beneficial to everyone if these changes were implemented in the future. Also, I have friends that do not want to server boost simply because they do not wish for the badge to be denoting their name, whether they do not want a purple vagina by their name or they don't want to be exposed, for personal reasons.

    I may suggest that every server has the option to turn the badges on and off, and perhaps, as a part of a level one perk for a server, the image becomes customizable? It seems like a small thing to add if multiple people are invested in the server, and I know hosting such a tiny image cannot possibly be a hassle.

    Thank you for your consideration, discord staff!

  • summer

    @daisy thank you, random lesbian. you're breathtaking.

  • aIex

    @everyone you're all breathtaking.

  • Arissel

    pls papa senpai do this for us


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