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  • JackTEK
    Currently, you can hide the member list, but not the channel & server list. This wouldn't be a bad idea for some people, but I personally wouldn't use it, much like I never hide the member list. I'm ok with the option there but I won't use it.
  • DH

    This is badly needed on the desktop app and browser. The server list and channel list take up about 20-25% of the total UI space yet are typically not used more than a few times a session to switch channel.

    In my own personal use case i switch channels about 3 times a day and use discord about 12 hours a day. the channel and server list takes up 25% of the real estate and restricts me from shrinking the UI down to reclaim monitor space.

    I can't believe this isn't a feature yet.

  • kythix

    With the server list and channel list, the app also cannot be made into a half-screen app on smaller laptop screens.

  • Clemens

    Yes please! 
    I'm dumbfounded that this isn't an option

  • Duodecimal

    Seriously, I've been combing the internet trying to find a way to do this. Why does discord have to take up 75%-100% of my screen? I've got it on a second monitor and I feel like I need a third just to display anything else. This is garbage and if all my friends didn't already use this application I wouldn't bother having it look at my 1920x1080 spare monitor like:

  • flurry


  • teanuhwin

    Bump. Would love the option to hide the channel list since once I'm in the channel, I don't need to see what else is going on. 

  • Adiliontree

    Hey this chrome app works for this exact thing. Check it out

  • wayne


    i really agree, it's very annoying sometimes.


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