Nitro Boost Issues and Non-Nitro Users



  • DuckMasterAl

    Lots of information here!
    1. The cooldown is 7 days just in case you want to switch the server you’re boosting.
    2. The idea of fuel running low is the same idea of Nitro not being payed for anymore. There’s a 3 day grace period until you lose it all.
    3. I agree with you on the background and would like that to be implemented.
    4. The concept of badges is to show current support, like with the Nitro badge, the badge should only be when you are a booster of a server. I like the idea of adding the server name to the badge information but, the badge is like a Nitro badge and is taken away once you stop boosting.

  • yasminopalcaster

    Thanks! xD

    1. Ohh, that makes sense. Well, I still think the cool down period should be less than 7 days. That notice of 1 boost per person should still be moved to the very top of the help info along with how the "one server at a time" bit needs to be fixed. Since, as I mentioned, I assumed it meant once the cool down was over, I could boost another server. Although, I also think that, depending on one month or one year of Nitro, people shouldn't get the ability to boost only once.

    2. But I think of the leveling up as in video game terms. When you level up, you keep all of the skills and things you achieved even when you haven't played for a while, everything you have will still be there (if/when you saved). The progress of the boost shouldn't go down. Obviously there's nothing with Level 0, but if a server reached Level 1, 2, or 3 all of the perks should stay in the server regardless of the Nitro subscription ending.

    3. Hopefully it will be.

    4. That makes sense. I just wish it would stay because I like it a lot. I still think the server name should be included at least, that would be a nice feature so people will know which server was boosted. Could be a nice way to promote the server so more members can join (since there are some servers that don't allow promotions whatsoever).

    Thanks for the feedback though!
    It's greatly appreciated. nwn  

  • mel 🍋

    I agree with this so much! It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve been trying to boost my server and it doesn’t pop up. Yeah, there’s a countdown to when you can but it’s been 2 weeks and I cannot boost any server at all!


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