Change Discord installation folder



  • Lloyd 🎃

    Please upvote this..

  • kas1122


  • 𝕯𝖔𝖙𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖆

    imposing installation folder is technological fascism, I hate that

  • Bernardo M.C.

    I would really benefit if I could install it on the HDD, and probably a lot of people with OS in a small SSD would as well 

  • biochemicks

    Seems weird that such a fundamental function, like controlling one of the most key parts of a program's installation process, is neglected. And not good weird.

  • PixelPolish

    Why is this still an issue? Discord claims to be for gamers - gamers often opt to use SSD drives for system and games, we also want to minimize the system partition size in order to fit more GAMES on the damn thing and yet, in 2020(21) we now don't even have the luxury of changing the program's install location, which baloons with every update. It feels like we've taken a step back to early DOS times when everything had to be installed on C:\ drive.

  • Rpx

    Find it hard to believe this post has 2 years and nothing has been done about it 😢

  • Deloo

    After years of use, I'm still wating for this... from a programmer POV, this is absurd

  • Humble

    Discord what are you guys doing why is this not a thing after all this time.

  • yeayeayea

    If discord was for hard core gamers they would at least have a command to tell the installer to install on another folder/ drive

  • Alt0n

    Upvoted. This is a pretty basic requirement

  • MaxVocalz

    they obviously aren't listening or don't care. this is a VERY BASIC thing to implement

  • T.T.W.

    vote " Yes "  for the choice of where to install 

    even windows 10 storage sense would not change default install folder so just move it to drive of my choice, made a new shortcut to exe file for desktop.

    Windows 10 Insider Preview 21327.1000 (rs_prerelease)

    c drive 28.5 gig

    other 120 gig

  • BadgerScout77

    please people dont forget to upvote need this app moved to my ssd 

  • HaiCo

    Would be very useful indeed.

  • ˞˞

    Discord automatically installs on your main drive. It's a shame they don't make an option to change the location with the setup, tho it's not too hard to change it yourself.


    First, search the initial folder location which contains all the files for Discord to function.

    > 'C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Discord' 

    The location might be different for anyone. If it's not in your 'Local' folder, you can check it by pressing the Windows button and typing 'Discord'. Right-click the icon and select 'Open file location'.

    After you're in the File Explorer, right-click the icon and now select 'Properties'. The icon is a shortcut. Selecting 'Properties' will direct you to the 'Shortcut' tab immediately. Under both path locations ('Target: ' &  'Start in: ') you'll find the initial file location. Copy the path minus the file it's referring to and the command at the end. You'll get directed to the initial file folder.

    You want to cut the entire '\Discord' folder.

    Paste the entire folder to your desired disk -> folder.

    Now you've pasted the folder, I prefer to edit the original shortcut as it still refers to the Discord folder, but in the wrong location. Once you search for Discord again, it will give a pop-up that 'Update.exe' can't be found. Decline the deletion of the shortcut. Instead, we're going to edit it.

    Open the file location of the shortcut. Select it and right-click into 'Properties'. Under 'Target: ' & 'Start in: ' change the old location with the path of the new one.

    I.E: 'C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Discord' gets replaced entirely with 'E:\Applications\Discord'. Still having the text after it. For 'Target: ' its '\Update.exe --processStart Discord.exe'. For 'Start in: ' it's 'app-*'.

    Save all changes made. Open Discord :)




  • tyrant

    First, right-click the discord icon and select the location of the open folder,The official installation location is C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Discord ,Cut the entire discord folder to the folder you want to move to,Then open the folder Discord\app-1.0.9002,Right-click Discord.exe, send it to the desktop shortcut, and then right-click the shortcut on the desktop to rename it to discord,Now just double-click the desktop discord icon to start discord,Does it meet your expectations?LOL

  • valadur

    What about possible paths and registry entries that are not pointing to the right location after you just cut and paste the entire folder? That is the whole point of having a portable version... which as far as I know is not available still 2021...

  • tyrant!Am5DpTs445NAjVK4_GS7cfZibLw4?e=aXr6ed You can try mine now, download it and unzip it to the location you want, then cut the discord icon to the desktop, double-click it and wait for it to start.

  • _MaxTheTomas_

    So.. Here's my solution: you can link discord to other location.
    1. Close Discord
    2. Go to Local folder (%appdata%\..\Local) and open a command line there
    3. Enter command
    mklink /J Discord "D:\Path\To\Other\Location"

  • Michael Grazebrook

    @_MaxTheTomas_ - I needed to run the shell as administrator to have the permissions to create the soft link with mklink.


  • Tsunami (Eric C.)

    discord.exe folder can change from one version to another. If you have scripts or programs that depends on the foreground application context (e.g., Elgato Stream Deck, Corsair iCue shorcut keys), you cannot program it once and for all. Discord must allow users to set a fixed folder, not only for the Electron/Squirrel folder but for the .exe.

  • DevastatingRPG

    2 years and still absolutely nothing, wow, upvoted nonetheless just in case

  • ᔕᑕIOᑭᕼOᗷIᗩ

    You can do this easily if you know how to use command prompt as an administrator. You have to create a symbolic link after you move the discord folder located in: C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Discord to A:\ExampleDiscordDirectory. Itll create a new folder in the local appdata folder (make sure original is not there anymore and moved) and discord will automatically run off that drive you linked that path to. This is similar in the solution Max offers but it creates a symbolic link rather than a junction, which is more optimal for a program folder. See this chart. Symbolic links have more functionality, while junctions almost seem to be a legacy feature because of the limitations they have.


    mklink /D "C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Discord" "A:\ExampleDiscordDirectory"

    TLDR: use this command in CMD (elevated) to repoint discord program directory after it is moved, remember to use quotes for directories with spaces:

    mklink /D Link Target
  • DawnTreader

    It takes 1 simple dialog while installing to ask where the user wants to install to. Please add this ability. I need to be able to send commands to discord with voice attack. For some reason it won't work when in the appdata directory. Works like a charm in the program files folder though.

  • Giganticon

    Thanks for this lesson on symbolic links - this is real good info!  Its easier to just not share knowledge - so I wanted to be deliberate and say I, and probably unknown others, appreciate it.

  • MisTerioN

    the simple fact that choosing installation path is a technical need to whoever want/need it in case of not enough space on disk or corrupted discord things like that... I don't understand at all why it isn't by default.

  • Gaston-HK

    I would love if it could be changed in an integrated way in the installation process


    This is pathetic.. You'd think by now, this company would get with the program.. uninstalled and kicked to the curb. I'm not going to create a nest of sym links to circumvent what should have been day 1 coded. Get your s*it together Discord.

  • vincenthius



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