People need to be able to use alternate clients



  • Erkin Alp

    They are not actively suspending people using third party clients, unlike what their marketing says. Instead, due to high false positive rate of their antispam detector detecting API use patterns that look close to their clients but involving spam, some accounts get provisionally suspended, and according to Jake Henry's comment on Hacker News, if this is genuinely not a spam bot, you can request your account to be reactivated. The good thing is they will have to properly accept third party clients soon, due to interoperability clauses of the Digital Market Act of EU (you can assure yourself that Discord will not subject non-EU residents to an inferior antispam while subjecting EU residents to a superior one).

    WhatsApp, unlike Discord, actively seeks out the users that use third party clients, and permanently (not provisionally as Discord does) bans the user and starts legal action against the client vendor. Discord has never gone that far and never will.

  • dablulite

    So I was searching a solution, something that wouldn't heavily modify Discord, but would allow it to run smoother, and I came across an electron alternative, called Positron( by Mozilla. It is based on the Firefox Rendering engine, Gecko, and I might try tweaking the code to remove Electron and replacing it with Positron, but no other modifications, so that it is completely vanilla, except for the rendering engine. It's literally like closing Discord on Google Chrome to open it on Firefox or Finix(

  • dablulite

    Quick Update: Positron has been discontinued. I will try to find an actively developed fork or fork it myself and develop it so that it's efficient and fast.

  • Penguinolo

    dablulite good luck.

  • noot

    Erkin Alp isn't the digital markets act supposed you to stop companies from suppressing competition?
    discord provides a service so how is blocking 3-rd party clients from using their service violating that when third parties can provide their own competing service, hosting... ?

  • SnoopSqueak

    If we use custom clients, they can't force features upon us. Notably, I keep getting a YouTube Premium "offer" that is effectively an advertisement and cannot be disabled. Banning custom clients is an entirely anti-user decision, users who want the illusion of security would be free to continue using the official client.

    Apparently "Any form of automation is against ToS", so if you use typing assistants or other accessibility features, you're probably technically breaking ToS. Blanket banning self bots is lazy and I fail to see how it helps anyone but Discord, since it gives them an excuse to terminate accounts if you want to use an ad-free client. Or a client with features that should be free, but they want you to pay for. Or... anything at all.

    I've been a Nitro user for almost a year now because I'm happy to pay reasonable prices for good service, but things like this frustrate me. Oh, well... Much like Skype, if Discord gets too lousy, something better will come along and everyone will switch.

  • KTGK

    +1 for this. 

    If Discord's development team does not want to become the next Microsoft Teams, maybe consider, and really consider developing native apps for desktop platforms.

    Forget the mobile apps, start fixing the desktop client first. I'm not going to call whatever Discord has now an 'app', because it is not. It's a glorified website in a browser frame disguised as an app. And it runs badly. Everywhere.

    You can't still argue for Electron when a third-party native app someone else made start up in less than 2 seconds, and takes up just 10% of the memory the Electron client requires. And even more so, given how many gamers use Discord. 500MB of RAM is unacceptable.

    If high quality native apps is not the Discord development team's forte, then at the very least, they should let the open-source community make their own high quality native apps. 

  • Tim

    Discord has avoided the backlash of the recent Reddit / Apollo dramas by never allowing 3rd-party clients in the first place. In reality, Discord deserves the exact same treatment from the folks now boycotting Reddit. What's really unfortunate for the Discord community is that an Apollo-style Discord client (even if only text-based without voice features) would look and feel amazing on iOS and MacOS. I have a tiny bit of experience with iOS development and would be willing to build one myself. The default client is bloated and awful.


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