Decreasing Scarcity of Nitro Boosts by Allowing ADDITIONAL Boosts Per 7 Days



  • Lunn

    I don't remember who did the first post about it, but was much more detail and explaned. so if you read it, feel free to credit yourself and add more to it. Also dont know why the original post was removed :/

    Hope this thing will be implemented, i love discord and would like to have all the features (just insta buy nitro cause would be happy to have this things on my server) but we are a small one and with everybody could purchase wouldnt be enought, i think you guys are amazing and will find out a way to improve server boost, a hug to you all for all the work. 

  • DeSamber25th

    Why was this so downvoted? I'm in absolute agreement with you, Lunn. We should be able to boost the same server multiple times throughout the month. And with the seven-day cool down, that allows you four booths per month. Then, you could either move on to boosting another server or you could continue with boosting the server from the previous month. 


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