Private Messages In Server Channels



  • Ben!
    That would be so cool! It's like how Slack does it! It would be especially helpful for bots, so you can tell which server a bot is talking to you from!
  • Emmanuel
    This suggestion is interesting but once again it should be left to the server owners to choose from the server settings to enable or disable this feature.
  • mindblaster007

    Agreed Emmanuel, I think it should be an option for the owners. On top of that, I think there should be another option to have Administrators be able to read these messages to make sure they uphold Discords Policies and a servers rules.

  • Silent

    There can be a setting in said discord to toggle this on or off, or you could use it like how "Hello There" put it, with the bot feature.

  • Riku

    This would be cool, i would like this in discord.

  • zalakk

    Just want to chime in that this would be cool. I have a bot that does some automatic reporting based on commands, and it would be great if you could do the slack thing and have the bot start by sending a private message that the user could choose to publish by reacting to it

  • !!RogonUsaryis

    i just tried this, it doesnt work, ikik its not in yet, but worth the shot XD


  • Kuro

    PLEASE add this feature....

    give some kind of "/p <person> <message>" or "/msg <person> <message>" like command to say something private to a person "on channel". The message would come out only in that channel and private, and also be an @ message and show up in the recent @ panel. Here are some ways it could appear:

    2:54PM PRIVATE (sender name) hey, this is a private message

    2:54PM @receiver <- sender hey, this is a private message

    2:54PM (to @receiver) sender hey, this is a private message

    I don't understand why discord doesn't have this feature already. It's been part of chat since the inception of chat. (300 baud DiversiDial, AOL chat, IRC, etc, etc.)

    It's INCREDIBLY annoying to have a small private conversation with someone in discord while on a channel. So annoying, in fact, that my friends and I normally use google hangouts for private comments along side discord channels. It wouldn't be horrible if there was some way to pop-out a private chat into another window.. but the fact that you have to keep switching back and forth makes it atrocious.

    This would also open up much more flexible ways for bots to operate... because one could "private message" a bot on a server, inside a channel.. and have it respond right there in the channel.... and likewise, bots could send private messages to people inside channels... which would be a really great way for bots to do all kinds of things.


    I suppose an alternate idea would be to treat this as merely a UI issue... instead of allowing "in channel" private messages, Discord could create an alternate UI for receiving private messages somewhere on the screen while also staying in a server. 

    Probably the simplest way to do this would be to extend the "left click mini-profile card", so it showed recent private message history with a person, and so we could "pin" it on the UI... so it would stay open. then give us an easy text-shortcut (like /p (person)" to open this window right from the normal text input and/or to send messages to those popup cards. 





  • TehWardy

    This would be great for some in chat games ideas I have in mind for bots too.
    Consider something like chat based poker where the bot is the dealer played in a channel.

  • Erlend

    As mentioned, this would make bot interaction a lot cleaner. +1

  • Veridis

    Please add this feature ! It's already on with official message like setting message why we can't do it ourselves


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