More Privacy!



  • nescix
    Would be also a good thing to add in DMs, so you don't have to add random people to friends.
  • Emmanuel

    Your idea is a good one.
    However, it would be better to ensure that users can choose to enable or disable this invitation system on the account from the account settings.
    This would give users much more freedom.

  • Xcap

    People add me to group calls a lot and start calling me and keep adding me after I leave. I am friends with these people so I dont wanna friend them but at the same time I dont wanna call them. Also what if its like a youtuber right and hes streaming but he accepts everyones friend request because hes a small nice guy. So someone adds him to a group call and he goes on discord to leave the call but they post NSFW content and gets the streamer banned.

  • AlbertSus



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