• marty m

    Yes I have this request also.  It seems the Mac OS Discord App won't allow this even though the split screen functionality  has been part of the OS for years.  Making this change would make me very happy :) Thanks Discord

  • marty m

    Just to add the reason why I would find this useful.. It would meanI can have the discord App open at all times on a part of my screen instead of having to minimise it.  As I have moved to larger screens I have found it far more efficient to have multiple windows on display at the same time.  Mac OS only provides for splitting the screen into 2 panes side by side ... however there are Apps on the AppStore like Magnet which allow further splitting of the screen... so perhaps if Split Screen was enabled for the Discord Mac OS App then it might "play nice" with other split screen apps as well. Cheers :)

  • TheTim

    This would be super useful to me too. If I'm just following streams in Discord/etc., split screen is a nice way to organize my screen and multitask. Especially true if I'm gaming on my desktop in fullscreen exclusive and using my Mac laptop to chat. The Magnet app can help, but isn't true split screen and doesn't free up as much screen real-estate.

    Also! Discord currently handles macOS fullscreen kindof weird anyway. Once in fullscreen, an app's titlebar should be hidden, including the "stoplight" buttons. You then mouse up to have the title bar and menu bar appear. Discord keeps the stoplight buttons in view even in fullscreen, so there's just this weird blank title bar when you mouse up.

  • pinksteady

    Yeah this is weird, why isn't this supported?


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