Separate 12 hour and 24 hour from English US and English UK



  • PieAyaa

    i agree. why is there a differentiation, and why is there no option to change between 12hr and 24hr for either on the language settings.

  • Arcadiax

    I agree, seems like it should be an option of it's own as it's largely down to personal preference.

  • Askeladden

    Please add a toggle so you can choose yourself if you want 24 or 12 hour clock, or please tell how to fix or where to contact it for broken languages.

    I tried to set it to my country language, and on the phone and in a browser it shows 24 hour clock, while on the desktop client it shows in 12 hour clock.

    All OS languages were also the same language with otherwise correct locale settings.

  • japser

    Gonna bump this. Just ran into this issue, and it is annoying as HELL.

  • Bump. IMO there needs to either be an independent toggle for 12/24 hr or it should be customizable. (Also the same should prolly then be the case for date but that's not the topic of this post)

  • Thero Layfer

    changing locale to change time format is totally not a solution. you either should follow system time format settings configurable in windows settings or provide your own toggle for time format.

  • timid

    Bumping! I use 24-hour clock on my device and seeing 12-hour timestamps on Discord causes a weird dissonance.


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