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  • hoodiedeer

    I would REALLY like this feature- there's been a few times I've outright blocked someone just so I no longer have to see some gross image they posted in a channel. But this is a problem when it's someone I don't really want to stop from sending me messages.

    Perhaps just an option for each message that lets you turn it into a hidden message that won't be shown until clicked on, just like blocked messages.

  • Curs3dfox

    I was going to make a post about this too but then saw there was one here already. While the person above has a good point with wanting to hide gross pictures. Today I also looked to see if this feature existed but because I have epilepsy and when someone posts a giant flashing image  for example this https://tenor.com/view/ledzeppelin-zeppelin-rocknroll-rainbow-gif-5386388 I would love to be able to hide it because I don't want to block the person, it's not their fault and I'm not going to ask everyone to cater to me that would be ridiculous. 

    I don't know what the coding internally is like, but maybe there's a way you could cheat implement it in easily with the code you currently use for :spoiler: just make it so individuals can do it for their client locally or just give us the option to right click a gif and stop it from looping. 

    Edit: I just found the ability in settings to stop the autoloop and only have them play on mouse over, but I'd still like to see the ability to hide messages for the same reason because some gifs I don't mind on loop constantly it's just the really fast flashing ones.

  • ZSRoach

    I agree entirely with this suggestion. Sometimes my friends send messages on our server that I would just not rather see (whether it be offensive or an image/gif that is distasteful) Would be great to see an option to hide the message.

  • Haziel

    1 year ago I suggested the same feature, but idk why they don't add this fuc**ng feature, it's 100% useful and simple to make

  • leprechau

    It's been over a year ... PLEASE add this feature.  It's a staple of Slack, Teams and other chat applications.

  • jnxy

    It would be nice to have ability to hide messages, it could be just a client side thing so no need remembering the state of visibility of the message on the server. Client could keep it in browser cache or something.

  • digitaldraco

    JustJustin tagging on to this. Would very much appreciate this feature for exactly the reasons @Gwen stated!


    There's a whole other thread of people asking for this, too.


  • Dracomies

    Would love this feature as well. It's useful for 2 reasons. Sometimes people post projects or contracts and by hiding them (yourself only), it allows you to remove contracts you've already completed or are not relevant making it much easier to focus on what's important. Second, it's good to remove posts that you don't like/agree with but where you don't want to block a person.

  • looni

    This feature is highly needed. I would like to hide or delete messages I dont want to see. You can't control what others post, but you dont want or can't block a person for one message with disturbing content. 

  • Spency™

    Couldn't agree more with this thread. This is a much-needed feature. Personally, I'd like something more one-way accessible: something similar to deleting a message, but not in a two-way execution where it's deleted for everyone. This would be great because there are sometimes messages that you don't want to see, but don't want to delete for everyone else. And that's only if you have the permission in the server, otherwise you just have to block the person. It would be incredibly useful if every user could just right-click a message and click a "hide message" button, ultimately not deleting it for everybody in the server, but having the same effect for the user that wishes to hide it. At least, that's just my vision for this idea. In general, I don't care how it's implemented, I just want the option.

  • Little Whitty

    I would love this to be a feature. I'd like to be able to hide messages without fully blocking them as blocking is the only way to hide messages and it seems a bit extreme. So just to have something in between blocking and not blocking would be ideal.

  • digitaldraco

    Two years and hundreds of requests on this, Discord!! :(

  • InevitableH

    Technically there are only 16 requests so I can imagine why it hasn't been looked at yet

  • GB

    This feels like an extremely basic function and I'm always surprised it hasn't been implemented. So many times, someone posts just one message or image or something that I just don't want to see. So what am I supposed to do, block them? That's unnecessarily harsh and such a roundabout way to do it. For example, I hate the sight of vomit and don't want to see when someone posts the vomiting emoji. Guess I have to temporarily block them every time someone posts that emoji? That's ridiculous when I could just simply click a button to hide that message from my personal view.

  • digitaldraco

    InevitableH There are 77 upvotes on this and 101 on the other thread, plus the comments.

    So, no, not just 16.

  • zombie

    I would like a hide message feature under the "...More" context menu of each message. You know, the one beside the React and Edit / Reply buttons.?

    A user would click More > Hide Message

    The reason I would want this is for gif animations. I get tired of seeing gifs loop to many times and would prefer to hide them, without deleting them, to maintain the conversation context. Sometimes a message just triggers me and it would be satisfying to hide it. No big deal. No one has to know.

    After a message is hidden, to unhide it, you would do the same thing but the context menu will have replaced "Hide" with "Unhide"

    So it would go More > Unhide Message

    Here's where it could get fun: Imagine a second option. "Hide With Reaction" It would hide the message and also add a reaction to the message with a special emoji reserved only for this feature. A user could hide the message and the "Hidden Reaction" would appear under that message for everyone to see. If someone else clicks that reaction, the message is hidden for them as well but, the message is replaced with the "Hidden Reaction" tallying how many people have also hidden the message.

    Tell me this isn't a good idea.

    And I'm just handing it to you, discord, free of charge.

  • digitaldraco

    I genuinely don't understand why DISCORD hasn't given this any attention for 2+ years, now. It seems like a fairly obvious and simple thing to do.

  • CoyodiSoul

    +1 for this feature!

  • Wün

    Please add this, such a basic feature. 

  • deepeddie

    +1 for this.  Really useful must have feature in our opinion.

  • enderfish


    This would be a truly valuable and helpful feature! Please implement this.

  • Sensed


  • Jam


  • 5Five5


  • Zerpher Elite


  • ArtsyDreamer


  • 12Cris12

    Come on Discord, its been a long time can you just add the feature. Is not hard at all

  • 💀☠

    Why is this not a feature?

  • Joshbot

    Holy crap, I searched how to hide messages in discord only to find it's not a feature but instead a  2 year old 100+ long comment thread asking for it to be done. Now I have to suffer through that one guy's annoying animated posts only to hope people comment enough for it to disappear off the screen.


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