Mobile Push Notifications past 2500 members



  • Dann™
    good idea.
  • Jinajon

    I have struggled with this for ages - PLEASE ADD THIS SETTING!   For certain servers I need EVERY notification, (especially mobile push notifications) other wise I have to check the app way too often.

  • Billy

    i don’t see why discord can’t add this. they are one of the biggest companies in the world. they have a great support team and many people use discord daily. i feel like the servers could run this feature. they shouldn’t have it enabled automatically it should have to be enabled manually.

  • VegasDK

    Please make this happen now!!
    For communities where time is of the essence this really is very important.

  • MLG Zack

    How many people would it take to get this change to happen? We already have 33 bet hundreds of people would want this

  • Billy

    i bet thousands to 10’s of thousands not just hundreds

  • Jake

    I totally agree. This needs to happen. The users should be in control of their own notifications, not Discord.

  • EDA

    I talked to the staff of the server and she asked if I could upvote.So..Even if all of my notifications on chanel are open,I don’t get notifications.And I also have a couple of friends who doesn’t receive notifications too.

  • burakmeriva

    I tried everything but it did not work.I don’t get notifications.

  • Mezaunderground

    I’m a mod for a server and need to get all notifications please add this!!!!!!

  • Mezaunderground

    I’m a mod for a server and need to get all notifications please add this!!!!!!

  • elybeatmaker

    This is absolutely necessary. My server just hit this milestone and this is harmful for my moderation team and for my ability to interact with my community. Please make this an optional setting.

  • Just as Crazy

    This needs to happen

  • rebatemanYT


    also hi guys.

  • LaAlex

    This is so necessary. 25k should be a good thing to hit! 

  • ˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞

    make this happen I need this also #elysquad

  • Rocket kiwi

    I wasn’t on Ely’s server originally but I like her videos so here I am :)

  • M3G4N5

    We need this for our server to work properly too. Have bypassed 2500 members and it's causing all sorts of havoc. 

  • Slivo

    At least, please allow push notifications for mentions, @everyone, @role and @player !

  • Ivo_Ruiter

    How is this not fixed yet?

  • Tomchoucrew -

    Please make it happen !


    Is this only an issue for Android users? It seems my iPhone friends don't have this problem. If so, WOW why is this even a thing.

  • Juguernauta

    Please fix this!!

  • Barnzie83

    See I want this as well, even if it’s only specific channels, even if it’s a limited number of channels on the server or channels that meet specific criteria. I’m on a couple of community servers for a game & would like to receive notifications for recruitment channels so I know when people are looking for alliances/clans etc

  • BEASTman

    I'm facing the same problem. We want notifications!

  • ⬡-Drone2707

    I think the reason they decided to do this was because their servers were becoming too overwhelmed with managing notifications so they just said "SHUT IT DOWN!". Having the limit set to how many accounts are on the server is dumb because of the problem we're facing as of right now. People wish to enable all notifications for certain channels in a large server which would largely mitigate the issue at hand. Please get this done. This would save a lot of confusion and headaches down the line.

  • The Plague Doctor

    Please discord, I'm a dm for a dnd game and who recently went on hiatus, while I was away the server we played on crossed 2500 people, so when I came back I sent a message in the chat about starting up again, I got a response a day later but only noticed there was a new message three days after I posted my own, most of the folk in the game were not enthusiastic about me not checking with them in three days, one of them was even out of the game since he told me he moved house and I didn't know he left that day so I couldn't even talk with him. 

    Please allow us to turn on a feature that allows push notifications on bigger servers, if you want to protect people from turning their phone into a brick just put a big discord warning like the ones you have for unsaved server settings, so that people who want to turn on messages for specific channels can do so and not leave people in the dust for three days

  • knocker

    I to would love to have this feature 😍 any plans to implement such things?

  • Vadim13

    Approve the offer.
    It's not convenient for me to moderate my channel.

  • CryptoCallisto

    Simple solution.

    a) Don't set all channels to receive push notifications by default for every user, like you all do currently.
    b) Enforce a limit on how many channels a user can receive push notifications from for each server they are in.
    c) (optional, and profitable) Require a specific number of "Boosts" to be active on the server for this functionality to persist.

    People can get the most important notifications. Discord's servers are not overwhelmed. Everyone wins.


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