A Few Suggestions for the Boost Feature



  • Jimmies

    I agree that smaller servers with a close community should have access to server cosmetics like the custom splash background, animated server icon, server banner, and the vanity url! The audio quality, file upload limit, and increased emoji space are enough incentive for the larger servers. It'd be better to pay a separate subscription for a server than having to find more users than you are comfortable with. 

  • Hallowisp

    That's another great point. I would GLADLY shell out money, as a server owner, to unlock those kinds of features (like how Enjin does with its tiered price plans). But I'm really not comfortable asking so many of my members to spend money on Nitro and then use their ONE boost on me indefinitely.

    As a community leader, I am willing to shoulder the lion's share of financial burden. The Boost system as is encourages me to push that burden onto my members, and that's not something I can conscientiously support.

    I don't want to play random video games, so adding more of them to Nitro will never be of value to me. If, however, my $10/month sub enhanced the server for the enjoyment of my members, that is value I would gladly pay for.


  • BarnDarn

    As a server owner (and as my community would agree) I would love to see a Classic server boost (the $5/month one) as they all cant justify spending another $10 a month for a server boost, and some games they don't care about. its cool, but I would rather pay like $5 or $10 for one server boost, and thats it, no subscription, no buying nitro, just give that server some money and have it count as a boost and let the people who actually want nitro to sub to it. 

    I can guerentee that half of my members would do that rather than sub to Nitro, don't get me wrong, its a cool service, but if it was up to me, I would sub to the classic one and then buy a server boost for my server, maybe have 1 bought boost per person. the rest I do agree with, but with the exception of the Vanity URL. To me, that is sort of reserved for BIG servers, however,the server banner is a great feature and would love that.


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