Feature Request - "Mic Monitoring" or Ability to Hear Own Voice



  • ᵉᵛ TKziin お '🌙 · I Went Back

    This would be nice! I currently just leave one headphone slightly askew so I can hear myself.

  • Chadabox

    I assumed this feature was already in the app, tis a shame.

  • Drunken Daddy

    I’d also like to have this feature.

  • Fluffypancake64

    is this implemented yet

  • crusadan

    It would be amazing to have this as well as be able to set the specific audio device for the monitoring.

  • Talethas

    Mic monitoring is honestly best left on the hardware side of things - such as with headsets that have that feature built in (which sucks, I need it too and a lot of the headsets with this feature tend to be more expensive). 

    The reason being that for software to produce mic monitoring you would have a very slight delay between what you say and when it is heard by you, which can be even more disorienting than not hearing yourself at all. Windows OS (and probably mac, but I don't know where it is) has an option to turn it on in the microphone settings if you want to see what I mean. Open Sound Settings, go to the Properties of the mic you're using, under the listen tab.

    That is the most efficient form of mic monitoring you can possibly get outside of actual hardware-based monitoring, because there's no extra applications or processes that the sound data would have to be sent through. It goes straight from the microphone to the computer's operating system and back to the headset. (oversimplification, there's more to it, but you get the gist of the steps)

    So in order for Discord to be able to have this feature, they'd need to do some SUBSTANTIAL updates that aren't really possible as far as hardware is concerned, because it'd still be throttled by the computer's own processing hardware. It still wouldn't be as efficient as just using the built in mic monitoring of the operating system, either, because you're adding an extra complication to the mixture. Instead of just those three steps mentioned earlier it would have more - microphone > computer's OS > discord > back to the OS > to the headset. That's two extra steps. It would only add milliseconds to the delay, but there's already enough of a delay with this that it would still be useless unless you like to hear your words half way through your next word.


    So yeah, while I'd love a feature like this, it is not feasible with current technology standards. :(

  • Lord-of_ the_John-Cusak

    The above novel why this is impossible is complete horse shit. This needs to be implemented. i have giant headphones wth 7.1 wound and i can't hear my own voice so I feel like somoene has put my head in a box. fix it. Technical solutions already exist. Please.

  • Talethas

    You've never used software-based mic monitoring software before, have you, dearie? 

  • Maximus Aurelicus

    Well dearie Talethas we want this feature regardless of your silly thoughts and there's nothing you can do about it regardless.

  • In case you didn't know Talethas, there is a branch of OBS known as Streamlabs OBS, which actually does have the option to monitor your mic, and it's quite spot on in terms of latency. Nothing about it was disorienting and it helped me hear what my stream, as well as my discord group call can hear. This feature being implemented into Discord is possible, but the question is just when they'll actually decide to do it.

  • Galihad

    I just don't understand why this isn't baked into Windows considering the feature is included on xbox and works flawlessly. 

  • Corrêa

    I Would really love this feature!!

  • trufuller

    I have been trying to get this to work by fiddling with windows settings... Which is not working. I live in an apartment building, and shouting into the microphone while I play because I can't hear the loudness of my own voice with my headset on is a big problem. I am one of those people with a naturally loud voice, so I spend my life tuning down the volume. To people like me, this feature would make a big difference. My neighbors would appreciate this as well.

  • Dovie


    I feel like I must be mistaken somehow because this is a bit obvious, but every mic that you plug into a PC will have the option to listen to its input

    type "sounds" into windows start menu and you should get "Change System Sounds"
    click it and hit the Microphone tab
    find your mic and double click
    go to Listen tab
    and there ya go

    besides for that, if you get a amp for a xlr microphone (you can get them for like $40, they should have a button called "Direct Monitor" which does it better probably

    EDIT: turns out the downvoted guy above is super right, there is a delay when using software based mic monitoring, Discord gives you the option to hear what you sound like outside of voice channels (settings > voice & video), and it's terrible, the delay makes it unusable.

  • XxLe0zErAxX

    There's a very noticeable and very annoying delay with windows built in monitoring though

  • Dovie

    Yeah, I mentioned that in my edit. Software mic monitoring (if that's what is called) is impossible without a slight delay and that's why Discord doesn't implement it since it would be unusable. I'm using right now a cheap xlr mic setup that's around $80 (mic, stand, amp, wire) and sounds great and allows me to Direct Monitor with the amp which works perfectly, no delay at all.

  • Rogue_Fury

    Dovie would you be able to give some links for you mic setup??

  • Maximus Aurelicus

    When you're the downvoted guy and people find out you're super right lolz. I may be crabby everytime I skip sleep for too long but that doesn't mean I have to be wrong. :insert joy emote here:

  • worMatty

    The reason why it would be better to have this built in to Discord, than using Windows' own 'listen' feature or a setting on the sound card's software, or a feature of the headset, is that you would hear the result of the processing Discord applies to your voice. When I want to hear what I sound like I join the same channel on another account. The latency there is about a quarter of a second and have no trouble using it.

    Hopefully you would only hear it when it exceeds the input sensitivity setting and opens the mic, so you know exactly what the other people in the channel are hearing. This would be great for people to tell when a background noise is opening their mic, such as typing or a fan, and when their mic is not working properly.


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