Add cooldown to kick/ban



  • Costpap

    I don't see how this could help people in any way. Let's say there was a raid ongoing with multiple accounts, you would have no way to defend yourself and your server against them, but to wait until the cooldown expires so you can ban until all of them are gone. This would make defense against raids almost impossible and make raids a lot easier to organize and carry out. And yes I know raids are against Community Guidelines and all raiders should be reported to Trust and Safety, but considering there would be no way to manually stop them so you could go ahead and report them to Trust and Safety, I thought I'd comment this. So yeah.

  • index.ts
    No, this would make raids 1000x worse.
  • Ghostwolf
    My question is why bad people have permissions to kick and ban if they need cooldowns?
  • Zynax

    Raids would be impossible to stop. Especially with bot account raids.

  • armaan1508

    How can we add a cooldown on kick and ban????


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