Enable the option to hide mutual servers



  • Stephen
    This doesn't really prevent people who want to know from knowing, they can still go into every server their in and search your name.
  • etzy

    This would be a nice feature to have for those servers that you really don't want people finding you. Privacy is important to a lot of people.

    Unless they're ultra-dedicated to finding you, most people won't go through all of their servers for a single person.


  • C1D


    omggggggg give us this already

  • PsychoDmr


    related to what Stephen said, an option to hide your usertag (only use changed nickname on servers) would be a nice addition to this :) 

  • notmybestmoment

    +1 on this

  • Violet

    Please add this basic privacy feature. There is no reason for anyone else to know what servers I’m in.

  • NazuhDev

    Im a very to private person, this would be a great feature.

  • BrickCityNinja

    2 years ago and still nothing. I can change my name, pfp, banner (I think?) Basically everything I would want to in an attempt to not let my other weird friends know that we're both in anonymous jack of(f} mates.. Kinda destroys the anomity of it, right?

    Edit: meant anonymous ace of spades* not everyone enjoys listening to ace of spades alone but not everyone is proud of it, either and their for sure not as proud as I am of this comment. Discord, you better notice this.

  • ZeroTwo

    I am here to bump this conversation.  If you have family, friends, and coworkers on your "Friends list" some of those coworkers or friends do not need or may want to know what other servers you share.


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