Add the Voice Status icon in the Voice Widget ONLY While overlay is open!



  • JumpSuit

    Your talking about Custom Statues, This isn't something that SHOULD go as a Icon since a given Custom Status, IS ONLY SET WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF ONE DISCORD SERVER. Thus makes it sort of isolated in its use and should NOT get included in Discord Lobby Voice Chat Widget as that widget is for a given application/game's lobby instance, NOT the Discord Server!

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  • Alipoodle

    There's a slight difference between Custom Statuses and Voice Status, Both show only on a single server, but one allows for people to join the voice channel, and shows next to the user in a Voice channel.

    On the idea of it only showing within one Discord server, the thing I was asking for it to be added to, the voice widget, which is in context still of being linked to a Discord server, the one which a user will have to have the voice status on.
    This is not for use within a "Discord Lobby Voice Chat" which isn't part of a Game/Lobby or Even Exist.

    Other Icons such as LIVE, and an eye show when you are Live Streaming, as well as the common Muted and Deafened.

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