Remove the new update [Now Playing] in the members list!



  • SmugCapybara

    i have this same problem, this looks just horrible..

  • AngelXlegend 🌠

    same here , and looking for how i disable it , HELP

  • Grammeşin

    Same problem here, please fix this :(

  • Ulvra

    Spent the last 3 hours searching on and off for answers to exactly this nonsense. This new feature completely defeats the purpose behind being able to organise your user list, moving around people who should be easy to spot at a glance as decided by the server owners for random "gamer clout".

    Please either remove this again or make it toggleable in the server settings. This shouldn't be forced, but leave it an optional feature for those servers which wish to have such a thing.

  • GCX.

    Same here but I am on many server without this Now Playing list.

  • Atastar

    Same problem here, I actually made a ticket because I couldn't find how to remove that; I don't really like this, because it just makes the user list more chaotic and doesn't seem to be "customizable".

  • 𝘖𝘯𝘦𝘴𝘢𝘯

    Ohh came here to check if there's a way to remove it :sadpepe:
    WTF is this, I mean, all the servers I own have this "feature not so feature" as one of them is a Guild Discord it's hard to deal...
    The servers I'm just a random members doesn't have it enabled.

  • Purple

    Please get rid of this. I'm really close to prohibiting the gaming status on my server. Yes I am a aesthetic freak.

    Only one this early in the morning, later this will get incredibly obnoxious.

  • MrLixer

    I have the same problem too. I've been trying to search how to disable it. Then i came across this post. One of the bots in my server was in the "NOW PLAYING". It has moved back to bots role area. 

  • TheZirconOfficial

    I hate this and its only on my server which is a community which really does not need this or want it.

  • Purple

    I got my ticket responded. They first apologised, but don't have any sitrep on getting rid of/fixing the situation. I sent the link of this very thread (being the most populated one) to the person. It's an experimental setting and we were randomly selected apparently.
    Let us keep things civil in order to reach their attention.

    Best of luck for us.

    Edit: help giving this thread visibility by upvoting it, ask for your friends to help too!

  • dale152

    This new addition is more than disgusting. I want to appear at the top of my server, not stupid bots and 9 year olds playing Fortnite!

  • JDGerbil

    No bots should be listed in this now playing, and server admins need to be able to customize it. If and were it shows up please discord. Don't like it as currently implemented.

  • Lobstergoat

    100% agree


  • Sachi

    I was hoping to find a solution but guess its not possible.
    I am hoping they reverse the change or leave it as an option in settings.
    I really really don't like it.

  • yuriamaterasumomomiya

    i'm hoping it'll go back to normal soon this is a headache to deal with.

  • ๖ۣۜxInf_rnus

    You know, this new update really seems a bit off. The thing that hits me is the fact that this does not show in any other server that I'm currently in, which slightly confuses me.

    It's best if they either remove this update, or make a plug-in to enable/disable it. It's kind of annoying.

  • HwiteMAn

    I at least just want an option in the settings. The amount of different colored roles in my server makes it look like a preschool drawing.

  • Shalimara

    I would also like just an option in the settings to turn this on or off. So it just looks totally confusing and messy.


  • Runlikehell

    ive just been trying to re-sort my Role list and just seen this thread.


    The new layout is not good so hoping the old list will be restored real soon 

  • Jordan_9889

    this pissed me off because i didn't know it was an update so i had to remove all my friends moderator roles because i thought one of them did it pls fix this it looks so bad

  • Bail

    If discord really really REALLY wants to add this, then they should at least give us the option to turn it off in our servers

  • Jaeger

    +1, i like the feature but please let us enable / disable and customize where we put it in the list. I definitely want it under myself my mods but over my subscribers and everyone else. ruins the utility of displaying admins / mods as seperate

  • Adde r2

    Besides a really underwhelming minority of servers that could use this, it's a really bad feature that this doesn't come with a off-switch considering that most servers would not want someone playing a game to mess up the entire member list.

    Having the crown untoggleable is bad enough, don't fuck it up even further!

  • Lucy (NAND)

    Looks terrible, remove or give an option to toggle

  • riha

    awful system.

  • S9

    this, at the very least, needs to be significantly configurable or toggleable. I'd be OKAY with this feature if you could put the "Now playing" list in different locations and set it up like, yknow, a standard role...not this nonsense forced-to-the-top stuff.

  • Manavine

    This forced to the top will lead to unsolicited DMs asking to join others and well, will cause harassing to be a lot more plausible in big servers.

    Imagine if you boot up Fortnite and someone just appears in your dms to start making fun of you just because you're playing Fortnite. These kinds of unsolicited DMs shouldn't appear at all.

    On top of that, maybe you just want to play a game by yourself, like Risk of Rain 2, while you're in a big server meant for it. You play like 5 minutes, and then suddenly your discord blows up in notifications with a lot of members asking if they can play with you.

    Not to mention, some servers like their member list a certain way, so seeing that could cause some admins to outright BAN the Now Playing status, effectively making Deep Presence useless. Also, if a user gets harassed or gets way too many unsolicited DMs, the server admins will hear about it, or will end up losing members because the other members didn't realize they shouldn't just ask a random person. Finally, let's not mention how a LOT of servers put their admins on the top, followed by mods. Imagine playing Minecraft and someone new thinks you're the owner because you're above the admins.

    This would not only hamper a person's personal experience, but also a server's experience. Some servers would need rules put in place and may end up having to worry a LOT more about impersonators. While there are pros, it being forced on everyone will make the cons FAR OUT-WEIGH the pros. I get this is a gaming social platform, but if the experience will outright get in the way of the gaming aspect of it, and make people less willing to show what they're playing at the time, there's something wrong here.

  • christianh727

    I agree with at least an option to turn it off. I noticed it on a server that I admin and am not a fan of it. I don't like it's position at the top and has even bots included it it too. 

  • Villianthrea

    This is oppression.


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