Remove the new update [Now Playing] in the members list!



  • EnshroudedMoon

    This is so bad please for the love of god add a disable button for this! Like How the actual F**k did this get through development!?!? Like Discord you're better than this, fix this Soon. ngl team speak is starting to sound good after the last 4 updates.

  • Have same thing on my server and it is messing things up bad. How the heck do I remove this?!


  • 2thor

    please get rid of it, or at least make it optional

  • Zea (it/its) 🌻

    This is complete garbage for servers, why would you have an entire role hoist system if you're just going to throw it out the window and hoist any random person who happens to be playing a game? Make this optional or get rid of it.

  • BiosStorm

    Ok so i like this concept but it needs to be expanded on. 

    1. make it optional

    2. let admins add categories ie: using same categories as you would a role.

    3. put it at the top of their specific role list. If i have a call of duty role and someone starts playing list them at the top of their role category in the member list. 

    4. no member role should be listed above admins or moderators 

    Just my 2cents, have a good day. 

  • CodysKillingIt

    Up voted. I don't like the feature, but it should at least be some sort of toggle switch for those who may want to use it.

  • Rgun

    we should have the ability to turn this off i have several different servers an dont like having now playing above me an my LT's an mods already getting complaints from my members fix it quick an soon!!


  • Wis

    So annoying, you're used to make toggable options, wtf happens ?
    Do you understand the main usage of your soft guys ????

  • Pontius Pilate

    Same here, please fix.

  • EyelesSNbK

    agree with what everyone is saying... it should be optional. do not like this one bit and hope it gets corrected asap!

  • Chisakei

    This is so bad for real!

    You gave us the option to display role members separately from online members, and now you combined everything. 

    What the heck discord?

  • BaK

    This really is horrible for people who run servers for their game servers or anything like that, people can no longer see the role groups that are people that are there to help or administrators meaning they're just in a mess of people who are now playing/online or offline. sure thats fine for your little personal servers i'm sure, but any managed servers are just disorgainsed by this. It should either only organise people without seperated roles, or just have an option to disable.


    This is a horrible FORCED change, in my opinion.

  • Akhu

    yeah.... how to remove it..... spent 4-5 hour searching for that.. :'(

  • ブラック

    I don't like this update so here is what u can do for make it good:

    1.Make it optional

    2.Give it separated settings for all things about it
    1.Let us have option for where we want it in our server

    2.Let us set what roles we want to show (bot should be in now playing)

    3.In what order should roles go

    4.What games we want to see there and we are not want (cause of some people dont like someone who play for example fortnite,minecraft ,etc.)

  • thetechguy
    i like the new update.
  • Ori

    Admin of a server that has this feature now. Just saying, make it optional or remove it. Most people don't like this a lot.

    Discord already has functions that show whether people are ingame right next to their username and in their profile card (Rich Presence). There's no reason to add a redundant function like this.

  • yeah i was thinking about that too.
    also it Baffles me that they would release this cuz idk about u guys but i can see people using this to harass others.
    y Discord doesn't see that idk
    also I run my own server and has this and it's so annoying cuz now it's disorganized 
    plz make it where we can turn it off or remove it. 

  • Darkholder ☕

    This is unwanted, unnecessary, and a complete joke - get it off our servers! Stop wasting our real estate!


    Please kindly remove this. I absolutely despise it and I’m not even OCD. I can’t imagine what this has done to OCD people when it’s giving *me* anxiety lol. I have roles separated for a reason and color coded.

  • aldo

    pls remove this ASAP, me and my members kinda "dont like" display, or aleast make it costumable like normal roles :)

  • rhunyc

    I've never used the support site, but wanted to help reverse the changes by leaving my feedback. It seems like a neat feature but it's just silly that it's not configurable or able to be toggled. I think it's safe to say that it needs to be or else it'll just keep making a lot of people upset for good reason.

  • Sub

    Yeah it really ruins an already sorted server, would love at least an option to get rid of it


  • Repolak

    Beating a dead horse, this is killing my discord. It ruins recruitment, leadership organization, and so many different designs.

    Please, please please this has to be a toggle option. If you pushed in an update, just...roll back? Unless you packaged it with other updates, and cant simply role the file back. In that case, yikes.

    Do not spend your time developing the option to disable, just remove it until that is done. Absolutely killing my group..

  • Aurelia Vel ♕

    Nope. Just nope. Either give the server creator the ability to disable this role, OR allow us to move it down the list. With it being at the very top it interferes with the rank system I put in place for my followers. 

  • Bronco40

    Get rid of this Now Playing Role please it completely ruins the Created ROLES in discord . 

  • 2thor

    we want it removed or optional for ALL members, not just bots.

  • Dex

    I just found out this in one of the servers I manage and it's awful, if you're going to put stuff like this, give us also an option to toggle it, also admins should get an option to opt out a server from any beta/experimental features

  • Purple


    My server has been cleansed of the curse.

    Hopefully yours will be going down soon, high hopes.

    Thanks for the visibity and support.

    Thanks discord aswell~

  • Aurelia Vel ♕

    Yes! Thank you Discord <3 <3 <3


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