iOS 13 dark mode toggle support



  • Slexiz

    Agree !

  • Soheab_

    OLED? Dark mode is on all iOS 13 supported devices also LCD. But yes please!

  • silentshotghost

    iOS 13 toggle for dark and light mode would be great but I doubt discord would add cause they have their own (dark mode) which is grey mode really

  • Vetoz

    I dont have ios, but just give it to em. What can it hurt

  • ArmosNights

    Yes, even if it’s not the true black dark mode, I would like if Discord could respect system-wide settings. I have iOS 13 set to switch to dark mode at night, and light during the day, so it would be nice if Discord could switch between both modes automatically! A lot of the other apps seem to have this already

  • naoey

    Respecting system wide setting is definitely a much needed feature.

  • nemu_no_mune

    It’s sad that it seems every other app I use has AMOLED dark mode and this also already exists on Android. Please give us this feature!

  • nemu_no_mune

    Please discord give use a true black theme. It is pretty sad that every other app i use on iOS has this feature already.  


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