Collapsible channel list



  • Red Hawk

    How is this still not a feature? Apart from improving the user experience it's a massive step for accessibility options, as pointed out previously, the fact that the user bar, server bar and channel list don't collapse and more importantly, don't change their scale when resizing is a huge drawback in terms of usability.

  • LumpyCustard

    Discord please add the ability to collapse the channel list similar to how you can collapse the user list. I have an ultrawide monitor and i like stacking multiple windows but using Discord feels like a chore when the UI gets squished.

  • Benny

    This needs to happen

  • ThatWeeb

    Seeing as there's likely zero chance of Discord doing this, thought I'd mention that with some JavaScript and a plugin manager, this could be achieved...

    NOTE: I am NOT advising users to break the ToS and use a custom client

  • Lisolet

    Adding my request to the others to allow the channels list to be collapsed or hidden. On a portrait monitor the channel list takes up so much space and much of it is just empty space. Discord could look really good in portrait mode with more customization of the user interface. As it is I have to increase the size of the text to a very large size as my eyes are just not good enough to see it all squished in the middle at a small font size.

  • ironmoosen

    We really do need more UI customization. One thing I've always loved about IRC is the fact that you can customize your client to no end. Personally I like to make everything super compact and stick it in the corner while I work. Can't really do that with Discord.

  • Coda

    Yes please, or even better. A minimal mode where it ONLY shows chat OR chat pop-out mode. Often times I want to play a game, watch a stream, and keep an eye on Discord at the same time, but I 'only' have 2 monitors.

  • CoderAtLarge

    Man, it really makes me mad when I see feature requests like this which are really simply to implement, and the company just completely IGNORES the request for years at a time. Really leaves me feeling like the company just doesn't give a f***.

  • Tedz

    If you read this far, please up-vote the original post so this actually happens. Thank you.

  • anormalusername1

    This is a very basic fix that really should already have been implemented, and there's a lot of ways to make it so that the list of channels can still be switched between in a minimized state, though it really should just be toggle-able to hide or show them in general. If I can hover over my server icon and it will display the Server Name like this:, then doing the same should be easy enough to make this change too: (concept art I made).

    It could benefit to go a step further to make the Server List minimize-able as well to reclaim more real estate: (also concept art by me.)

    When you're dealing with side-by-side windows or limited window space, making these much smaller or just hiding them all together could make the difference between usable and unusable. 

  • nine

    I was going to make my own suggestion post but I see it's already been made. The choice to collapse/uncollapse the channel sidebar and online members sidebar would make using discord simultaneously with other apps MUCH easier. 

  • ergosteur

    I've been waiting for this feature for so long i just bought a separate monitor for Discord at this point.

    No but seriously, this is obviously possible seeing as how it's been implemented in user scripts and browser extensions, and on the Discord mobile app! like come on, it's an electron app, why isn't it made responsive? I'd even just be happy if when i resize the desktop client small enough it just switches to the mobile UI.

  • tparty

    Agree with this. Make it happen before you sell out to microsoft

  • Literal Unicorn

    How in the world is this still not a thing?!! 

    I was searching for how to do it, and I couldn't be more baffled that it's not even a thing... despite this ongoing thread of 2 years!!? This needs to be an option for desktop users!!

  • RRainboom

    I thought this thread was recent then I almost broke my chin at how hard my jaw hit the floor when I saw the thread was from 2 years ago :/

  • jean_ravenclaw

    We totally need this! When the screen is really thin, the chat goes vertical and impossible to read, even with the members' list off.

    Also, Discord is in the Opera sidebar, which is near useless when being used due to the amount of space the channel list needs. I managed to add CSS to Discord, but it doesn't work when using the sidebar.

  • Not Lunaris

    Set up my laptop as a vertical secondary screen and was shocked to see this is still not a feature. Very disappointing to say the least and another reason to not ever buy nitro :^)

  • ruti

    This needs to happen discord. Get on it please.

  • randal2k

    Finally gave up, looking for alternatives. Sorry discord, I no longer recommend or suggest anyone use a product with the "rigid slack like" catastrophe as you have here.



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