Remove Text Limit for Nitro Users



  • thetechguy
    this should be a free feature.
  • metro
    I agree, but there should still be a limit (maybe 10k) so that people can't abuse the privilege or compromised accounts can't spambot too much. Or, like tech said, this could be a free feature, but that is only available to accounts with an age of 30+ days and a verified phone.
  • NoMercies
    maybe not 10k, because then trolls could flood chat even easier than right now...
  • Hallowisp

    Yes, this! The people who subscribe to Nitro are, I imagine, more likely to be server admin and moderators who could really use this kind of enhanced functionality. I can't count how many times I've had to break up announcements and the like because of the text limit.

  • a doku

    This this! 5k at least would be fantastic!

  • Zeswen

    A permission on servers to exceed the 2k limit would be great, just for safety reasons. Also, as a Nitro subscriber and programmer who shares code with my company through Discord, this would help me out a lot!


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