Make bots able to remove embed hide option



  • Soheab_

    That would be unfair so if your bot or any post a nsfw thing it can’t be removed, so people will most likely dislike your bot then. I suggest a option or permission for servers will be enough 

  • InsideDev

    Your point is completely invalid. The X button for embeds in servers require you to have permission to do so in the server (I believe that it requires Manage Messages) and thus you would be able to just delete the message instead.


    On top of this, "if your bot or any post a nsfw thing it can’t be removed" (Quote from above) it still would be able to be deleted anyway. It is just a right click and left click away on "Delete Message", no huge changes here. It will be exactly how is was before, no different. The X button is just a more ineffective way of "Deleting" the message, in which it actually doesn't, as it only hides the embed, but not the actual message sent by the bot, so you would still have to right click and hit "Delete Message" to fully remove the message...

    As well as this, why would a bot post NSFW content in a non-NSFW channel? That would just be asking for your account & bot to be banned from discord.


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