Android Embed Copy-Cooldown for the fields



  • Mithorium

    Between this awful "feature" that's actually a bug and the new headache inducing "blurple" I'm done with discord, unsubscribed from nitro, will look for an alternative app to use

  • Nashidar

    Seriously? How has this still not been fixed?

  • sorenkair

    Just noticed this today, haven't used discord on mobile much.

    But wow, like who thought this was a good idea. Not even an option to turn it off.

  • Derorin719

    It definitely should be changed.

    I'm so surprised that this problem hasn't been resolved for two years.

    I strongly desire complete abolition of functions or implementation of changeover switch.

  • matt?

    Yes, please change this. It's so freaking annoying

  • Mithorium

    Still no signs of life from the people at discord

  • jDuke

    I'll add a +1 to this.  I actually use my clipboard for stuff, and Discord fills it with random junk.  If this is supposed to be a feature, it's a very poorly implemented one.

    Please either remove it or give us the option to disable copying link previews this way?

  • Pumkin

    It's been 2 years

  • Tangent

    Still not fixed -_-

  • taz

    Not only is this STILL NOT FIXED, it has upgraded itself and is 1000x more annoying. Now, when I accidentally hold my finger on an embed for more than 0.5 seconds, it copies not one, but 30 messages to my clipboard! It copies every single number and line of text SEPARATELY, as well as the whole text. For the love of god, please fix this. This is infuriating and has no right to be taking over my phone.

  • SteelT

    It's incredibly annoying having text be copied to the clipboard only because you had your finger on the screen while scrolling and happen to stop at an embed.

    We have a dialog of options for normal messages when you hold, why not something similar for embeds too.

  • Silver

    please, how is this still an issue? making it a long press context menu like everything else should not be hard


    lol someone please fix this

  • Neo

    Bump. Why the hell is this still a problem?!


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