Make it so you can choose which games show when you are playing.



  • Xcap

    Sorry if I don't make much sense. I am having trouble explaining what I want but I hope someone will understand this

  • Azazel

    If you navigate to User Settings > Games you can chose to display games as well as which games you want to display.

    You can also change the display names of certain games to something else. You can't access these features from mobile however.

  • Soheab_

    This and I think if you play music via Spotify that will go first(?)

  • raekuul

    This feature would be nice to have since there are idle games available now that Discord picks up on. I don't want my discord status to be "Idle Champions of Krynn" for a solid 168-hour block.

  • CaronteGamingTeam

    I know like for example


    Playing ROBLOX

    Like that please notice me if that is what you mean and I will be glad to help you and assist others!a


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