Be able to have the tag #0000



  • Asthetic

    You can, you just need to have Nitro, I was #0000, but changed it to #0001 because I want to be number one, like Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen


    edit: Just wanted to correct myself and say I was wrong. Maybe I tried 0000 and if failed and I just forgot about it.

  • kreexe

    You can't though, I have nitro, but when I switch to it it says that the tag, must be greater than 0, also why would someone downvote this? Doesn't really change something for them, just adds a new feature which is pretty cool?

  • undermaster.
    They added the #0000 number tag for webhooks and deleted users only for a reason. You cant differ if its a webhook or a normal user, they normally get the "Bot" badge and also, you can troll someone that you deleted your message even though its not deleted
  • Hi
    • Hallo

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