mini vc text channels



  • thetechguy
    this is a good idea
  • stepepson

    bumping this thread, i was just thinking the same thing. many servers already make #vc-text channels and it can be frustrating to swap between them when you're watching someone's stream

    now that threads are a thing i can easily see the split-screen thread chat window being displayed on the side of a voice channel
    although i disagree with having the chat auto-delete. this could be done similarly to threads and have the option to be archived

    please consider adding something like this!

  • stepepson

    This has been added to an extent it seems, but I'd really like to see it expanded upon.

    Most importantly, I'd like more in-depth notification settings for these channels and for them to be easier to access and/or notice if you're not in the voice call.
    Many of us on our server like to hop into our #vc-text channel to see what we're sending each other despite not being in the call, and right now if you're not in the voice call you don't get unread notifications on the channel.
    I also think it would be so much better for the "Open Chat" button to be on the "voice connected" panel next to video and share screen and all that stuff. where it is now is a little hidden and frustrating to access for some.

    Second, having split screen for the new voice channel chat is great, but I'd really love if this was expanded across discord. I'd love to keep the chat open permanently on the right while I browse any channel freely on the left.
    It would be extra amazing if this was possible with any channel, allowing you to split screen any channel on the right while you browse freely on the left.


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