New offline status indicators are not good for people who are prone to trypophobia



  • mesub
    You see the problem with that is people who are colour blind now won't be able to tell which is which, maybe a toggle option instead?
  • Fish

    Oh I didn't realize it was for accessibility. Or maybe an 'x' icon?

  • Interessent

    I have some issues with colors, but was still able to distingush the circles. However, even if it's because of colour blind people, there should be an option to use a "colour blind mode" and only use the new changes, if activated.

  • Kaydax

    The old icons where fine, and people with trypophobia didn't have issues then. Its the fact that they forced colourblind mode on everyone and removed the ability to toggle the colourblind icons on or off that is the most annoying part about it.

  • Mangø

    It's bad for me because of my ocpd, it distresses me, setting me into a panic mode, to see icons that aren't in uniform with each other. I preferred the old "colour blind mode" option that you could toggle on and it left the icons alone for the main populace, I don't see the need in this ui change being mandatory, and I feel a toggle option would work much better... Even if these new icons were default and you could opt out of them in settings and revert back to the old ones.

  • lolaa

    The shape of the offline indicators dramatically affect me as well.

    It would be really helpful if the feature were a toggle.


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