Allow Rich Presence from web apps



  • InsideDev

    I feel like this is an impossible feature to add. As most browsers will not leak that info to discord to display. Which is why it only works in the Desktop version

  • donovan_dmc

    The reason it's impossible as of right now is because the only way to set any status is through an ONGOING and ACTIVE websocket connection to Discord, which requires the users auth token, which you will not be getting from oauth2.

    Having it going through a REST call would make a mess, since they can't tell if the user has gone idle, internet connection died, they closed everything, etc so it can't properly do anything with their status

    Also, a rest endpoint would likely be just quietly sending a command to websockets in the background.

  • vintprox

    I do not clearly see why WebSocket/REST API cannot be used to revalidate information from web application with Discord.
    I'm working on PWA game and would love to see it implemented 😍

  • donovan_dmc

    Nothing is truly stopping you from sending the presence updates for rich presence

  • feildmaster

    Other than websockets being a whitelisted feature you can't use?


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