view all chat images in history



  • Gpax971

    You can already use "has:image" when searching the chat history to show all images

  • A_Star

    @Gpax971 how do you do that


  • CryanBranston

    go to the search box, type "image" then press return.


    I agree that a proper image function would be better though as you still have to go through every image one by one to find what you want, a gallery view would be so much easier.

  • sx

    I agree, Discord should have this feature if only just to aid in converting over Facebook Messenger users to the platform, as well as other services that offer a gallery view for quickly scrolling through large numbers of images. I do imagine however that this would be rather taxing on storage/memory/network/cpu depending on how Discord chose to implement it, unless they already store thumbnails of all uploaded images.

  • xtraxtra

    This would be great, I've just moved my family group chat over to dicord and this feature would be great for my parents who want to find pictures of us on one place

  • Nico

    I know this thread is old but can't stress enough how big of a feature photo/video management would be


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