Improved "Manage Roles" Permissions



  • Demon

    I agree with you.


    To simplify:


    0. Owner can do everything and has "75" access to give roles.

    1. Admin role has "50" access to give roles, and to receive this role somebody with "75" access must grant it first.

    2. Moderator role has "30" access to give roles, and requires "50" to handle this role.

    3. Advisor role has no access to give roles, however needs "75" access for this role to be given or taken away.


    So even if Admin is two steps above Advisor, he will not be able to hand out the otherwise powerless Advisor role, or to take it away from the current members owning the role.


    This has been done on other many successful community platforms that have opted for advanced permission systems and I highly recommend this for Discord as well.

  • Chiknluvr

    Also if the “Manage Roles” perm was split into creating roles, hoisting roles, and adding roles. Especially on large servers, it would be nice for members to be able to assign themselves preset roles without a bot and also not being able to create new roles/modify existing ones.

  • Vilser

    We need more upvotes on this!

  • kierangaming1

    Honestly agree on this would be quite a neat feature 


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