Temporarily Mute Channels or Servers



  • RumourMaker18

    TOTALLY agreed! Sometimes other people on the server are having an extended conversation, so you just get flooded with notifications that have nothing to do with you. It's really annoying, and right now the only solution is to mute the channel and try to remember to unmute it later. (Spoiler: half the time I forget to unmute it.) It would be great to mute a channel or server for X hours, especially since it's a standard feature in other chat apps like Slack and Facebook messenger.

  • st. dyromid

    this feature just came with an update (Android 9.9.1)

  • Nika

    This is great, but I'd really like to have longer-term options. Let me mute channels for a week or a month, if the current conversations in there are uninteresting to me but I want to check back on it at some point. 


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