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  • dabaldeagul

    Great idea!
    My concept:
    "Allow members of this role to edit messages sent by other messages of members with this role"

  • sociablerabbit

    How do I connect to vk through discord I want to connect my accounts

  • henry the vehicular

    a 3 dot menu action on messages, "allow these roles to edit > list of roles"

    or if you have a lot of messages to send, use (allow edit access) /aea [csv roles, example: Admin, Owner] [message]

    or even a "make server message", displaying a sent by the server itself, or "make role message", being sent by a role.

  • Callama

    I really like this idea and I hope it gets implamented. I am an Admin in a farily large server, and we wrote out a list of rules but it needs to be added to constantly. This would allow us to do this in an easier manner.

  • LovelyDollParis

    I think this is only a good idea if you have a message sent from the group; so instead of Adam posting something, and others editing what is still attributed to Adam, have a message attributed to just "Admins" or whatever, so whoever posted it isn't credited for what others are saying.

  • StrawberryForest

    I think this would really help, and it would be great for community management & project development for when there's a list of things that people could add or subtract from.

  • Ivan Ogasawara

    any update about this? from a community/server management perspective, it would really help!


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