/remind function to set and get reminders of topics set



  • DieNand

    There are bots that you can invite to your server that can do reminders. https://reminder-bot.com/help/?lang=EN

    I still find that Slack's built in reminder is much more natural though. Anyway, I doubt this will become a built in feature for Discord.

    Another feature I would kind of like is a way to send direct messages to yourself, but I've kinda worked around the issue by just creating a server with only myself in it.

  • Cristhian Reinoso

    I don't know if this answer is still useful, but still, I encountered myself with this same problem, after looking for a while I found two bots that could resolve this issue (bot with free and premium options), I'm a developer so I thought I could just use the Google Calendar API and create my own bot, with my needs, then I realize this tool I've been using for a while at work, it's Zapier https://zapier.com/ . It's a free tool that you can connect with a lot of services around the web, pretty easy to use, you can do what you need right here, so you don't need to buy a Bot, or use some unknown bot to get this done, just use Zapier, and see the how the magic happens

  • tjwood

    It would be nice to have this just built in like on Slack.

  • Jordi

    I do think as well this is basic functionality... remind me about this message in 2 days for example... I hope the developers are listening because these small tools make a world of a difference.

  • finx

    Totally agree. It's hard for me to migrate from Slack to Discord because of this missing functionality 

  • MichaelAF6FB

    Having reminders that go off a certain times isn't that important to me, and I see there are bots for this.

    What I would really like is a way to reactivate a message at a later time/date. For example, I receive a message as I'm leaving work. I want to address it when I get home. In slack I can ask it to remind me about this message in an hour. I'll get a fresh notification about the message.

    This functionality is what allows me to stay on top of my tasks.

  • diegosb

    Same for me, absolutely must for me to have reminders of messages. Two scenarios (at least):

    - Someone sends a message that I want to check later on because I don't have time now. I click on the message and set a reminder to remind me in x hours or x days of this message.

    - I sent a message because I need someone to take an action on something. I click on that message I sent and set a reminder so tomorrow I remember to insist in that person or whatever.

    I do this all the time in Slack.

  • teknit

    Def agree on this.. esp if we keep pushing for Discord to be the Slack/Teams replacement -- sure bots are capable, but come on.. shouldn't require a bot for a reminder.. and on that note, should have a screen/calendar/whatever to display reminder's by due date and/or the full list of reminder's visible in one view, but sorted by due date/etc


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