Allow Nitro Credit to be used without the need to insert payment info



  • nukiz

    discord needs to get their shit together, this has been an issue for over an year now and still bothers people. like wtf why do they need billing info for gifts lmfao.

  • Scored31

    I tried using my Nitro credit and insert the info but it ended up charging the account instead. I don't understand why you need to have it filled out in order to use the credit in the first place. It really bothers me. Especially since I've been sitting on my credit for a while now.

  • Leon

    Is Discord literally just ignoring this post? This should get implemented ASAP because when I got my first free 30 day offer from Discord themselves, it asks for my Credit Card details like why.. it's a gift, why would you force me to put my credit card details? That's beyond stupid.

    I've been trying to claim this free gift from Discord for over 2 hours now and I haven't found a solution on how to claim it without putting my credit card details. If you're wondering what I'm talking about here it is.

    I've already tried claiming this gift with the browser version but it's still not working. If you tell me to use the 'Autofill from Browser' for some reason it's changed to 'Autofill from Browser N/A'.


  • arthoeslent

    you guys do all realise you can do this already, right? when asked for a payment method, you can select your credit and the "price" will become 0.00 dollars.

  • 10K

    Reponse to arthoeslent, Sadly that is not true. It asks for credit card info which most people redeeming a gift don't have, as they are all probably around 13 to 15. Meaning they can't redeem unless they get their parents permission to use their card which their parents most likely would say no and be suspicious of it.

  • Konan

    Ridiculous. Really ridiculous of you, Discord. Can't people enjoy a free Nitro without having to enter their credit card info like that? I don't want to go ask my parents (I'm old enough to have my own card but haven't made it yet) for their credit card info... Consider those people that don't have a credit card and then force them doing this. Hopefully ONE DAY they'll do something about this. I could ask a friend of mine to enter their info but it's too risky and I don't want to do that even.

  • Petra

    I got a free nitro gift from discord for a month, but I have to fill the credit cards and all. Does discord expect a 13-17 year old have acces to credit cards? Its weird and pain, I really want to claim it so that I could use it to change pfp and such

  • 𝐁𝐄𝐄

    Yes omg I'm literally going through this right now ! My girlfriend had bought me robux since I was losing my subscription today. I had 10 months of nitro credit and I was confused because I thought it would keep running since it was a gift. Once it disappeared because I didn't add a payment method I lost it. My girlfriend had bought me $10 nitro as a birthday gift and it added to credit and I did not get my nitro. So they basically scammed my gf and there goes her $10 !! yay !! so happy :|

  • PSI Rockin Dream

    This shouldn't still be a problem, it's 2021. If your app is gonna be janky and shitty, atleast fix this simple issue instead of basically scamming money out of everyone

  • Elodie

    this is the most ridiculous problem i've ever seen. will not be paying into discord while this is a thing.

  • G2 Tony Stark 2.0

    I fixed this problem by getting a paysafecard account, loading 25 dollars on it, paying for a discord monthly sub on google play while having my account linked and then it will give you the credit after your own first month

  • Ero

    for the love of god they need to do this already, i have 2 months on my account and it's frustrating me because i thought the credit would roll through instead of my card but they still charged me. and now it's just ticking me off that i have to pay for a YEAR of the 10 dollar sub just to use the 20 dollars that i have in nitro credits. absolutely scummy of them to do.

  • seannski (inactive)

    there are discord business servers that trade discord nitro for paypal money and vice versa, thats how i got my discord nitro.


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