notify when someone takes a screenshot in dms/send a preview of the screenshot



  • mortalityplays

    My concern is that this is dangerous for people who are being harrassed or threatened and want to document messages in order to report them. If someone was sending me inappropriate messages by DM and I wanted to report them to a server moderator, or even law enforcement, I would want to be able to take a screenshot, and I definitely wouldn't want to alert the user in case it escalated their behaviour.

  • kozism

    i see your concern, mortalityplays. however, if they send something worth contacting the police over, don't take a screenshot.... instead report their message IDs to discord's trust and safety team. in other lesser cases that involve server admins, take a screenshot, report them and then block them because they can't dm u afterwards.

    I argue that in lesser cases, if you take a screenshot, their actions wouldn't escalate because you'd block them afterwards. in cases where law inforcement should be involved, since you don't screenshot the chat to report it to discord's trust and safety team, the user wouldn't even know you reported them and therefore their actions wouldn't escalate.

  • Jaznime

    I think this could be nice, but whenever I take a 'screen shot' I just use the snipping tool (I use the pc version mainly). So this would rat out a few people, but for people like me, it wouldn't really do anything to alert the other people in the DM.

  • PrinceOfDirus 💎💍♂-🐕♉🐺

    It is a needed thing to be voted on but the world has too many toxic people that are out to get other s for their drama reasons. But same time unless a specific reasons need to he notified. It's like when hiding from authority. its better to know if authority is not looking for the subject, than known their looking and have them run away from the scene with out being cought. But if it's like say if there not your friend and say like they have a reputation for blocking people similar to what was on the xbox 360 wre it shows in a stats section on there profile thing . Although say there is a button to agree with people to not do certain things. But in a respectable fashion reasons. Or especially for people that cant remember things could be an option cuz that would bug me with how kik used to be when it deleted everything to perform better . I would have to  write things down constantly to remember things . I think a "Do you forget " tag or # something like that could he used to counter the screenshot modifications.  But still able to not see when deleted messages for "accidentally" or conversations . . 

     Would help discord in my opinion.  And possibly say if a petition against peope in servers  to be kicked for say,  idk 70% of server needed vote and a timer would be set before being removed. 

  • Gloria

    Just my opinion but that would suck. There are (also for snapchat) a lot of ways to bypass that on phone. On pc it's almost impossible and not worth the effort because people would just open the site version of discord. And on the site version of discord it is impossible to implement.

    Also a lot of people wouldn't like this feature. 

  • Логан

    I agree with this addition, but I would just tweak a few aspects. I came across this while searching for information about Discord. Someone in one of the discord servers that I am in have been screenshotting the chats and revealing the images across social media (practically giving us no freedom in that server anymore). I feel like an addition of this could be good. I feel like the owner of a server should be able to set this as a rule or not. The screenshot (along with who took it) should pop up in the audit logs. Atleast that is my personal belief


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