Don't clear custom status after relog



  • FiGLet.php

    +1, This is so annoying.

    They must fix that ASAP...
    Oh, And if you set it on "Don't Clear" after you re-open the Custom Status menu again that's will automatically set to "Today" Option.
    That's why this bug exists.
  • ArteaCactus

    yep, same. and on mobile when I select dont clear, every time I re-open it , it says I selected "clear tomorrow" when I didnt.

  • Kannadian

    I have the same issue as well

  • 『I』『n』『.』『.』

    Yeah well, I have a same time for Today is...

  • Bees

    +1. This keeps happening every single time I close the mobile app no matter what clear time I choose. Especially when I click the "don't clear" option. It ALWYAS clears it. Its getting annoying as hell

  • Sir Destin

    I have the same issuse, it's incredibly annoying.

  • +1. -_-' Hoped to find any solution here, but seems like everyone suffer this thing and yet nothing was fixed.

  • Bartholomew

    5 months later I still have this problem, both on PC and mobile. But it only occurs on one of my accounts which is even weirder.

  • MrChips

    +1 This is so annoying and they have done nothing about it!! Urghhh this sucks, I have to keep redoing it every day because it clears automatically 

  • Irascible_SAP


    Pull thy fingers out of thine rears and fix this bug!  

    When I set it to "Don't Clear" I really do not find it funny to have to re-do my entire status after logging off and back on again!

    Because some of us don't leave our PC's switched on 24/7.

    Some of us actually give a damn about our carbon footprints...  

    So stop penalizing us for doing the right thing for the sake of our children's children!

  • Mees

    The issue still presents, why isn't it getting fixed?

  • beri

    Truthfully it doesn't seem that big of a deal, but the fact that it's been 6 months, and some of ours have yet to be fixed, is absurd. I was partially hoping that mine'd get fixed along with other people's but the problem has persisted, and it gets generally and increasingly more annoying every time I gotta manually set my status.

  • ('')Duckhead('>')

    Just discovered this issue. The "best" part is that, after I go offline and back online, my custom status is still shown for me, but it doesn't actually exist for anyone else. That just makes the problem more irritating.

    Such a simple feature shouldn't be this glitchy.

  • futureslayer

    Methinks it's not a bug but a feature. A pretty band-aidy way to prevent people from using Nitro stuff in their statuses and then signing off Nitro.
    Sry if I just gave someone ideas xD

  • Galaxysearcher The Dragon

    This is crazy. Every time I go on mobile to set my status, it doesn’t even let me set it to don’t clear! 

    I select don’t clear, and if I go to editing my status, close and reopen the status menu and/or discord, it just disappears! If I go offline, when I come back, sometimes my status is still there, but on,y I can see this. Please, please, please fix this.

  • Ducknerd

    Seven months, problem still persists.
    I'm tired of having the nuisance of resetting my status. Just fix this bug already, what's taking so damn long?

  • jAm3S DiPsHit 💩

    I have the same problem. Figured I was the only one. This is the most annoying thing ever and that fact it hasn't been fixed yet UGH

  • KittyxCatus45

    Goodness gracious I'm so glad I found this thread. I thought it was just me having this issue. When I tried to Google nothing came up for ages. *sigh of relief*
    But yes, I use discord primarily on my phone and any time I switch to another app, bye bye status message. So darn annoying! Please fix

  • ᴀᴘʜᴇʟɪᴏɴ

    never had this issue before a few days ago and now it keeps happening too... it's annoying.


    Same here, RESOLVE THIS !

  • skralps

    But the confusing part of all this, is that multiple of my accounts do not have this issue, but my main one does. Fix this please, it's probably the only bug I've seen in ages.

  • your girl noni ♔

    oh my god, i only that i was the only one who had this bug. it's really annoying my status clears every time i log on instead setting my status to not clear 24/7. i really hope they fix this soon. (EDIT: i tried before to search why it wouldn't let me set my status to not clear 24/7 but thank god i found this thread!)

  • Yukiah

    This still isn’t fixed, It’s very annoying when I have a status to inform my friends that I am busy or slow replies because DND means nothing to them, it just clears the next day when I set it to never multiple times :/

  • Astrid

    Yeah I'm also posting here because it looks like it STILL isn't fixed. Everytime I set a status to "don't clear" as soon as I click on it it'll show "clear tommorow." And if I click on the menu it'll show the status, but it doesn't show it on my profile or in the list of people when you're in a server. Please fix this.

  • Kamaishi

    The only fix I've found is that if I want to it to not clear tomorrow, I have to reset the status completely and then put it to don't clear before saving. This is for PC btw.

  • Ambia Rock

    Same issue here. It's so irritating.


    I've tried to be patient about this and hoped that it would be fixed when an update came. but nothing changes. tried the set never clear before saving things for PC, it doesn't work for me.

    even though custom status seems like small things to care about, it is the feature that people kinda use a lot. so we would like for the development teams to consider fixing the issues.

  • bug brain

    YES! I'm having the same issue. I really hope they will fix it soon as I use the custom status feature a lot but it never shows up to anyone. It's very frustrating.

  • Eeliac

    Still having this issue, I reported it to discord and all they said was restart discord or my phone. :| No no no YOU need to fix this, I've been dealing with this since it first came to android

  • ArCahyadi

    Have same problem.
    On desktop and mobile
    Very annoying.


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