Voice Chat Order



  • Delta

    I know that idea was suggestes 8 mouth ago, but I think that it would be a very great idea, because, most of the time, you have to search to find the admin in the chat or find if there is one if you need help.

    Maybe order it with the rank order.

    thx for reading, hopefully you consider my suggestion.

    Best regards :p


    Absolutely +1 to this. We're using Discord more and more from TeamSpeak, but that TS voice order is just so dang convenient, especially in huge meetings where the only people talking are top brass, you're actually able to see who's talking. On top of that, what if I just want to flex on all my friends by towering above them in a voice channel?

  • Arbiter

    JFC please. +1

  • Tredenix

    Seems pretty simple to have a role-based option for this that essentially functions like the 'show separately in member list' option but for voice channels.


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