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  • noony
    Until/unless it's implemented, you can just create a server for yourself, ya know
  • Jvm

    Nothing new to be invented - just implement telegram's/slack's logic. ezpz

  • CTS_Æ

    For now what I did is just make a new group chat and don't invite anyone, then you can set the name of the group chat to your name, and upload your avatar, and that's about as close as you can get right now, since that will show up in your DM section instead of your server list (creating a whole server for yourself) then you can feel a bit more secure adding private notes for yourself there too [I feel like]

    The only downside I'm seeing right now is that you cannot quick find the named group it seems : [ that's surely just a standard issue with all group names unfortunately. Edit: It seems I can search my other named group chats, so maybe I'm impatient and just need the quick find list to repopulate or something [or maybe it doesn't like special characters in the name]?


    Edit: the one annoying thing I've noticed is that it'll pop up a box every so often telling you to add someone to the group chat. Still been working just fine otherwise though.

  • Oxknifer

    As Discord becomes a great platform for image and video hosting, I think this is an important addition that needs to be implemented.

  • animatedgif

    I hate having to open Slack just to send a message from my pc to my laptop and phone. Please stop me from opening Slack and implement the self-messaging feature.

  • lewisaw

    Chop chop, you are falling behind here...

  • robertgrzesik

    Honestly, why is this taking so long? This can't possibly be a hard thing to build

  • Boris Belousov

    I am using the Note feature for this. When you click on the user in the list of users on the right, you can add a note there. It is limited by 256 symbols, but at least it's something.

  • Moon Is BIG

    the group thing seems to work perfectly fine

    just create a group(don't add anyone) rename it and change the icon. 

  • vbdbws

    i think you can make 2 really simmaler acounts and the add one acount to talk from your computer to your phone maybe 


  • Tenox

    You can create a group message with just yourself and this way send messages to self. Click + beside Direct Messages, skip adding friends just click Create. You can also rename the group to "Self".

  • dejayc

    Guys, not every rip-off of Slack can be as good as Slack.  Just implement the workarounds as documented above, or, you know, just use Slack.

  • James Thornock

    Still works. Create a group message then press "Create Group DM" without adding anyone. 



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