Show red number for all notifications.



  • Panicakr

    Could you elaborate? I don't see where the issue is.

  • KaraMarx

    When u have notifications on for a specific channel, not a @mention it will not show up from where the notification came,I see this issue too if you are on many servers and have notifications on for specific channels.

  • leaf
    Do you mean having the red number in the server icon increment as you receive message?
  • SofiaVitosha

    I need help with this issue as well.

  • Kuro

    Current behavior:


    When there is "normal" (not @mention) notification on a server, discord puts a little "white dot" to the left of the server, and it highlights the channel name in bright white.


    Desired behavior:


    When there is a "normal" (not @mention) notification on a server, we want the red counter for the server to increment.



  • Mutant

    I have been using Discord now for two years and as far as I'm aware, those white semicircles and white numbers in red circles are just random noise. I have not found any way to make a number appear in a red circle and I have not found any way to make numbers in a red circle disappear. They just seem to emerge on their own and change values without me doing anything. I don't think they mean anything or have any purpose.


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