i want to delete a direct message someone else sent me



  • actiniumhydroperoxyl

    I feel like you should be able to delete the whole conversation (a la instagram, instead of just deleting certain messages). Don't know why that's not a thing, seems pretty basic :/

  • General Kickass

    Agreed this should be an option

  • lil_Dumb.Kid_

    soooo annoying!! i'm afraid my parents might found out about something VERY personal and uncomfortable.....i mean...this is a school computer..what if i'm being WATCHED?? i need to delete these messages STAT

  • Troggadorr

    Why is this still not an option?

  • poiasd

    Please, dear devs, implement this feature!!!!
    Very frustrating when i have to look at lewd pics inside conversation..(((
    Cant do it comfortably around other people );

  • sshiverr

    Please add this feature Discord, its not only a privacy issue, but it can make others like myself feel better when we go to sleep at night. This needs to get added


    people have sent messages and (dirty) photos that make me really uncomfortable and I want to delete them ! please make this an option. I don't want to delete the entire chat (save the memes ! D: )


    please make this an option devs

  • Nana Bard

    I don’t understNd why a message cannot be deleted?  Isn’t that a basic function? I mean, really basic?.

  • Nicko

    I can't really understand why they haven't added this feature yet.. Is it that complex? I am not an expert but It doesn't sound that complex to me. If the messages are tracked somewhere I would guess that you can add locally a blacklist file that points to the message. Of course i may be wrong, but yea I think that it is a must feature.

    Edit: So i just found out that if you press right click on a message you can copy its ID so indeed the messages are tracked of course.

  • Kitsune11462

    It's been a year I know, but discord will you please add this as a feature? Even though I have scan messages on and stuff, someone might send me something that doesn't exactly disturb me, but might make me uncomfortable if I look back on it, on accident or on purpose. 

  • NyanMeow

    As someone with an anxiety disorder, I really need this right now 

  • Grey

    Please let us delete others people’s messages, in DM! I have a few things sent by other people, that makes me uncomfortable. But the messages are not able to be reported because they don’t fall under the guidelines

  • Dude

    Discord should've had this feature from the start.

  • 𝓐𝓫𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪

    please add this

  • ≿━༺❀Lona❀༻━≾

    There are many good aspects to being able to delete a full DM actually the little 'x' that can hide the dm should also erase the message history everytime it's clicked. This would help those of us who have gotten scary or random messages from people.

  • shimizu

    Please add this

  • Third Base Killer

    Add this as a feature please.

  • xiao

    Add. Discord imma hold you for ransom if you don't. =)

  • woaded

    actually there is a way to almost achieve this, just send this message in that chat a few times:


    if u send it like a few times the only way to see that message again is to scroll up for a while


  • emmagination_

    We don't need any of the damn updates like the new logo. JUST GET THIS DONE!

  • LfueXemble

    I agree. No one cares about color or logo changes. Add some features that people actually need.

  • I really need this feature.

  • vokatom

    We actually neeed this feature for gods sake


  • ShadowFoxx

    why is this not a basic thing

  • Qazap

    This is actually a health issue and could be a legal liability for Discord - flashing images can trigger seizures in some people.  If Discord is smart, they will implement this BEFORE someone has a seizure, falls, hits their head, and is permanently injured...and then sues the heck out of Discord.

  • attack snail

    The lack of this feature is just so stupid. If not a delete on both ends, at least a button or something ffs.

  • Sunny22

    discord please add this feature, or the delete conversation feature please.

  • Lama

    Discord pleeasseeee add this a bot (MEE6) has sent me links to some questionable servers that I do not want please give me the option to delete the messages or at least if you report the messages because they are unwanted links sent through bots make it so the message doesn’t show up we nneeeeedddd this feature!

  • Leonvrdo

    Why this was not added yet? It's just a basic feature, that's so stupid...

  • Fazeel Usmani

    I must recommend you this guide to delete messages on Indeed. It solved my problems and I hope you will find it useful too.


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