different accounts on the same email



  • wolfcub

    same problem i cant go into my original account COLONEL RUFF#8342 on this same gmail 

  • thatrealkreek

    same i want to put my icloud email to not my school email but its says email is already registered  

  • Mike Loeven

    Actually I was going to request this but for a more technical reason. My primary reason for wanting this would be to get around some technical issues involving streaming. This would allow for two copies of your account to be in a channel at the same time for example if your doing streaming you could have the computer hosting the stream using audio relayed through mic input to bypass the lack of audio during full screen share while a second account is connected for voice with PTT separating the audio streams or allowing one to preview their stream from another device. Now this is the less than optimal solution and more grainular configuration settings for input output devices and better streaming interface would eliminate the need for this but It can be used for things other than pure trolling

  • Master Clairvoyant

    I have the same problem I am now unfortunately logged out of my main account and cannot log back in every time I try it logs me into an account that should have been deleted and I'm getting really annoyed because now I'm locked out of my main account I don't even know how I ended up getting two separate accounts on the same email if someone knows how to fix this please help me


  • Fearful

    Yep, I too have been stuck with that. The only solution I had was to get used to the new account created on top of the same email. Sadly I've been searching for help for a very long time and there's still a lot of people out there with the same issue as me stuck with this. I hope this matter gets noticed.

  • Unknown€¥€

    I have two accounts with same email and I forgot my password and I keep trying to change it but it logs me pack into my other/not my main

  • actiniumhydroperoxyl

    That would be absolutely awful. The amount of people who would use that for trolling?

    Literally just make another google plus account. It takes two minutes.

  • suprakilla12

    Try watching this youtube video. It worked for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqfDU5xu1H0


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