Server Badges



  • index.ts
    Do you mean badges on people’s profiles?
  • Volorient

    In a way, no. Like how the Nitro boost badge sits next to a persons name in a server, I feel like server owners should be able to implement their own badges, even if there is a limit to how many you can have.


  • Spidey
    users don't need MORE badges
  • Volorient

    It wouldn’t appear on the users profile, just next to their name in that particular server.

  • Alex Maniax

    I think this would be a cool addition, I can already imagine making it easier to pick out Mod's in big servers. Or a patron special badge, this would be a good way to spruce up a community.

    And too clear up a little confusion
    Q - Would this be on your profile?

    A - No, this would be a server specific trait.

  • Volorient

    Indeed! Thank you for clearing up that confusion :)

  • Major

    This would be so cool.

  • Falkor

    this would be really nice, I was just thinking of the same thing and did a search, deserves more upvotes!

  • Brainophone

    This would be something I NEED! And I was also, thinking about it, googling it, found this and I WANT THIS! It's one thing missing in discord compared to teamspeak!

  • Mafia Boss™

    I need this!!! I hope they add it!

  • stingray9798

    I manage 2 servers for the American Cancer Society, and we would love to use badges to recognize volunteers in Second Life and in the Gamers vs. Cancer server. 

  • Captain Marvel ☠🇺🇸

    I think this is a great idea. In fact, I found this post by searching for a way to add a custom icon, such as a star, to users who have been with our gaming clan for a year. It would be a great way to acknowledge these achievements.


  • trusktr

    This would be awesome! One could, for example, give multiple users the crown that the server owner normally has. Agreeing with comments above, this would only show next to users' names within a server, but not on their profile (just like a crown does not appear in a user profile).

  • trusktr

    Idea: the server already supports roles. Maybe roles can also have an icon. That seems like an easy way to add the feature perhaps?

  • Nnarol

    I found this thread because I would like to associate badges with roles. Our server accomodates a small clan and we have guests. I'd like to be able to differentiate between core members and those just hanging around.

  • Hinome

    Hi Volorient!


    This is a very good idea.

    I also think it would be good to limit to 3 badges next to the profile but also to allow boosted servers to have more.

    For example :
    - Unboosted: 1 single badge
    - Level 1: 2 badges


    Have a nice day.


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