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    I agree that they dont let kids because there are discord predators. I have actually seen a video of someone trying to catch discord predators.

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    Ok I'm 10, I just left all my friends and servers because I found out just because your parents have full control over the account you still can't use and now I'm really sad. Like yea rules but people under 13 still play video games like minecraft anyone can play and boom banned from it's like really. I was really respectful of the rules of the server I was nice to everyone. This is my last post or chat ever until I'm 13 almost 2 years.

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    Here is my discord page, nothing no DMs or servers just mine.

  • SunnySkies

    Although, yes, it's wrong to let kids roam around Discord due to stuff like predators and COPPA, I think it would be fairer to just disable the child's Discord account if they're caught being underaged until they're 13 years old and let them appeal to either prove that the user is 13 years old or make the wait shorter (by proving their actual age if they make a mistake in typing in their date of birth). This would be less harsh as a punishment than locking and deleting the account as you'd still have all of your data on your account such as your discord tag, friends, etc.

  • raccle the nub

    Although yes, I do support reporting and banning anyone who says they are under the age of 13, all it does is tell them to lie about their age next time, also Discord literally cannot be able to find EVERY single underage user on discord and ban them, there is just too much people on Discord to manage, but I do agree that it should be lowered by one year down to 12 years old as many people go into middle school at that age and will start to mature way more.

  • УD

    Hello be aware that the spelling mistakes are purposeful and that purpose is to save time on writing

    The COPPA, PROTECT Kids, and KIDS acts are stupid because they prevent kids from doing ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET (except making Scratch accounts and Roblox accounts but they have ridiculously strict moderation so you can't do anything there anyway)

    These laws are pointless because children are still vulnerable in real life so why are these laws limited to the internet??

    When the law is named "KIDS" it's stupid because kids hate it so why would you name it after them?? It's like creating a law named "SAM" and then making it unfair to Sam!

    These laws don't even prove effective when kids can just lie about their age and of course they will because it's so stupid!!!!!

    These laws are completely useless because it's not the government's job to take care of kids it's the parent's job and if they can't do that then they shouldn't have kids!!!!!

    This part is not necessarily the law's fault but some websites don't check if their parents are okay with it they just ban all the kids which is not okay and they are just lazy!


    Children are "not old enough" to take legal action against them which is STUPID!!!!!!!1 BECAUSE HOW ELSE WILL THEY GET RID OF THE VERY LAW THAT IS TORTURING THEM

    Basically all of these factors are teaching kids that everyone hates them because of their age which they cannot control! And then they feel like a mistake and then when they grow up they take their anger out on the children because it's built into their brain: "CHILDREN ARE STUPID" which is NOT TRUE because I AM NOT STUPID!!!!! but that's what this society is making people believe! And this will lead to an endless loop of depression and hate and suffering and then nobody will listen to the children when they say "we must save the world from global warming here's how:" because they think children are STUPID!!!!!

    Source: https://workflowy.com/s/stop-hating-on-child/b5bEPMUFJjLImErG

    This was made about a year ago but I decided not to fix the spelling mistakes because of laziness.

    Also, because of the virus, it makes even less sense to have laws like COPPA, because a huge amount of kids can't go outside! The only things they can do are things that are inside. And without access to the internet, they would become increasingly lonely, with their only friends being the people who live in the same house as them.

    And maybe they might see another kid through the window, and they might be able to talk to each other, but they can't play games or give handshakes or high-fives or hugs to each other.

    And some kids don't even have friends!

    tl;dr COPPA sucks because kids are not stupid and COVID-19 makes the internet the only way to communicate. Banning kids from the internet makes them lonely and depressed.

  • AshPatched


    This is exactly what I think, Whenever I talk to someone about coppa and tell them it’s stupid they say “it’s not and it’s protecting kids” it’s not. You see what platforms are doing is banning kids and making them depressed and stuff and not banning predators... They ban children because they think their “protecting them” and then it turns out their are still kids on the platform right, They just keep banning them and not actually looking for predators. Like what,

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  • Rikaelus

    COPPA doesn't necessitate Discord banning anyone. That's Discord's decision, rather than taking appropriate steps to protect privacy and building a parental consent system. They're being lazy and using banning to get around the effort.

    Don't blame COPPA. Blame Discord.

  • Left4Cake

    One Oxymoron to my understaing is when it comes to the law (in practice at least) is often web sites only get in trouble for this kind of thing based on weather there actions amit to knowing they are allowing it rather then if they actually allowing it. For example YouTube didn't get in trouble because kids were on there main side they got in trouble when they made a YouTube Kids app and started sepfically targeting kids.

    So in some ways at least based on the practiced law and not nesserly the written law. Discord could get it more trouble for trying to put specif gates that simply restrict features that could actually get them in more trouble cause that says that "Hey we are allowing kids to use our app" rather then, "Hey we don't choose to allow kids to use the app but it's the internet so what can yeah do" witch is what's going on with only putting it in writting in the ToS, but I am no lawyer and this is from my limited experince as a single observer so. Please keep discussing further.

  • 🍌мɪʀɑɪ ʟɛɴ, sɪмp 🍌

    Ah, yes. COPPA is right. COPPA didn't do anything wrong with YouTube. YouTube don't ban made-for-kids YouTubers. They just cut their revenue by half. COPPA helps YouTube for minimizing data collection for children under 13.

  • 🍌мɪʀɑɪ ʟɛɴ, sɪмp 🍌

    And Discord should really improve it's COPPA compliance. It's like having some date-of-birth features, parental control features, privacy protection feature, just like YouTube and Roblox itselves. It doesn't makes sense when they just ban kids, it's a lazy thing.

    See, Google has Family Link where your parents can setup and manage your account.
    Discord itself doesn't. They have no DOB setting upon sign-up. What a better decision. I just hope discord will improve its privacy protection features soon.

  • 🍌мɪʀɑɪ ʟɛɴ, sɪмp 🍌

    The problem is that Discord don't have an age verification upon sign-up. They need you to take a selfie of yourself, then they need your username along with the tag like Wumpus#1234 or your user ID, while you didn't know your tag or ID. That's we're complaining about.

    Technically speaking, when your account is disabled, you don't even know your ID or tag. Also, when you accidentally joked about your age, they don't even tell you how old are you. You'll got an unjustified account termination. The required photo doesn't even prove the privacy protection.

  • snjzz38

    I get it, coppa is federal law. But look into history and you find out that many laws are dumb and I think coppa goes into that category. You wanna know why? It's because on platforms like Youtube, kids under 13 aren't allowed, same with Discord, Twitter, TikTok and Reddit. The list goes on and on and on. Especially in a time like this, kids need to socialize but where do they go to do it? Coppa, you're killing the kid's mental state because  if they actually follow your rule, (which they probably don't) then they would be lonely and depressed. This isn't gonna be temporary, this could be permanent mental damage to the kid. The other part of the kids who fake their age would live in constant fear of getting banned. So coppa, take this into consideration, would you want kids to be like that? Also, coppa WILL get taken down because everyone hates it. Also, yes I know discord isn't safe. But kids are mature enough to know yet you think they act like babies. In case if they didn't know, just put an unskippable page about safety that lasts for about 5-10 minutes. There's my complaint. #SPREADTHEMESSAGE (copy paste this)

  • Garodueng

    I thought of making a petition, but I figured I wasn't brave enough. Below are my original article I wanted to post. I did find another petition related to this, please check it out.


    If you used Discord, you know all the problems with underage. All the underage people try to do their best to hide under cover to not get banished from communities they love. Is this their fault they should be banned? They want to communicate with their favorite YouTubers and gamers. At least have chance to communicate with people.

    Why would this help children?

    • They will learn to socialize online. This will help greatly in the future when they use more digital devices and communications.
    • They won't have to hide from people they love.
    • Especially in the time of Covid-19, this will help children. Even in their breaks, they can't play with other people. They need a community, and even learn to build one.

    Why would this help communities, owners, administrators, and moderators?

    • There won't be much drama between the communities and owners.
    • They won't have to ban their favorite administrator and a friend who helped them along the journey of a server.

    My Reasoning

    Everybody who is reading this probably knows this, at least you will soon. According to COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), the act that protects and limits Discord from allowing >13 states that verified parental consent will allow them to give access to children under 13. This is not all, Discord does not need to collect personal information from children, especially with parent's supervision, Discord will overall be a safe place for children.

    My another reasoning is that Age might be an important factor, but age does not define maturity. We all know there are adults who might not be so mature, and children who exceeds an adult's maturity. Discord, if you are seeing this, please reconsider.

    This petition has been inspired by:

    COPPA itself: https://ecfr.io/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=551d018652b7484fe85de057568e919a&mc=true&node=pt16.1.312&rgn=div5
    (Especially Title 16, Section 312.5: https://ecfr.io/Title-16/Section-312.5)

    This thread: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048312192-Under-13?page=4


    Below is the petition I found


  • 🍌мɪʀɑɪ ʟɛɴ, sɪмp 🍌

    Okay. So, COPPA is a federal law from FTC. But, I also think that this law was nonsense...

    Child's privacy protection is essential either, but they're not meant to ban &/or restrict access to the internet for underages.

    Does everyone have an idea about better alternatives for privacy protection?. Please keep discussing further...

  • Garodueng

    First of all, one way is creating a "safechat". It will not block offensive words, (Due to the nature of chatting) but will block any suspected personal information such as address, phone number, or their age.

    I believe the safechat should be toggle-able by parental controls by partnering with various tech groups. This could help reduce privacy issues, and become safe overall. What do you guys think?

  • OutOfContext

    Yes, everyone wants to be on discord but discord has no censorship. Theoretically, there can be a server made by the discord developers themselves just for underaged children but I don't believe that they are planning on it anytime soon.  

  • Ninja_

    I was a volunteer contributor to a busy community for an app of over four million downloads, and we too followed COPPA. The staff of the app told us if we found a user that was under 13, staff would simply disable the account, email them, and request that their parent give consent, as that is what COPPA requires.

    I was hoping Discord would do this too. As an administrator of a thriving server, it saddens me to see the mature 12-year-old of our community leave until he turns 13. He was a valuable member of the community and one we all loved, and I’m surprised Discord doesn’t just allow parental consent for users under 13, since that’s in full compliance with COPPA.

  • andrew.

    Hey! To everyone saying that underage people are "mature enough" is clearly not understanding the law of COPPA. It is legally impossible for Discord to allow this. Instead, you could attempt to look forward to a community that allows underage members with parental consent to download and participate in the app. However, the reason cannot be in terms of maturity, as COPPA is for children's privacy & not following it, would lead to Discord being shutdown. My thought on why Discord does/will not allow this is because they most likely are attempting to be as safe as possible, in order to not get into any legal trouble. 

  • hikayamasan353

    A website only can get shut down if and only if they do not collect verifiable parental consent. However, unfortunately, many websites are trying to give up serving children under 13 simply because obtaining parental consent is too hard for them.

    This undermines the very incentive to protect children. Why? Because to protect children, we need to let them use. If we simply banish children, we don't protect them.

  • УD

    I hope that there will be no arguments after this comment...

    COPPA is a law that was made to protect children on the internet, but children are still not protected offline. Plus, they're not even trying to get rid of the predators.

    All the websites that "follow" COPPA are just straight up banning kids and deleting all their stuff. There is NO way to protect children online if you don't even let them online in the first place! They also aren't even allowing parental consent because they apparently don't care about their userbase.

    Some websites like Facebook make apps specifically for kids, but your parent has to monitor everything you do on there.

    The law is also extremely easy to get around, but when a child makes an account they're constantly under extreme anxiety that they'll be banned and lose all their friends. 

    And I might have forgot some things but you can just read through the last few pages and find them. I mean, the edit button exists for a reason!

  • hikayamasan353



    If we followed COPPA to its spirit, not just letter, we would all try to request parental consent from children. Which is exactly what this request is all about - to convince Discord staff to introduce parental consent for children under 13 to comply with COPPA.

    Yes, to protect children, we should let them in, just like to protect children from accidents, we don't keep them indoors, we teach them traffic laws. We also don't keep our children in sterile high security wards, we vaccinate them.

    So actually, with current situation, it's actually possible to let children under 13 on with parental consent, and there are real reasons for that.

    Yes, in times of COVID-19, having children under 13 deprived from any services that can benefit them is disservicing the entire generation.

  • 🍌мɪʀɑɪ ʟɛɴ, sɪмp 🍌

    beefysoul already told you guys:

    " A COPPA rule says a child can be under 13, as long as they have a parental permission and supervision with the guardian(parent) having full management to the account." ~ beefysoul

    The main point of COPPA to protect minor is to create a parental consent system, not for deleting user's account after they're caught being underaged.
    Now, Discord has DOB verification in the sign-up page. When you're below 13, instead of permanent access restriction, Discord should let them in after they sign up a parental consent. That's it. That's what COPPA says. They would get a lawsuit if they don't have parental consent system.

  • 🍌мɪʀɑɪ ʟɛɴ, sɪмp 🍌

    Also during this pandemic, lots of children went online during the social distancing era. People went online to connect with their families, their friends, their community, to work, to study and learn, to play together, to interact each other, and so on to end the spread of the virus.

    I really agree what beefysoul, VS, and others who agree with parental consent system says. This is we want, a parental consent system.

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  • 🍌мɪʀɑɪ ʟɛɴ, sɪмp 🍌

    When your account is disabled, you can enable them back by signing up a parental consent with your mom's email or whoever. Also, even you joke being underage, you should be free. This is also we want btw.


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