Get rid of the four digit tag numbers at the end of usernames



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    The discriminator exists so people can have the same exact username and you'll still be able to differentiate them from each other. It's literally there so people don't mistake you for anyone else with the same username and so they add YOU and not someone else.

  • Kitsune Luke

    Dude if you don’t like the way discord does their stuff, don’t use it. No one else that I have seen is complaining about this other than you.

  • Macro

    Look, open your mind and listen. The #XXXX is for you to be able to have the name you want and being capable to be repetead with another user, is like your dogtag. Other big companies as Blizzard use this so, there you have it, if you are not happy with it, go to skype. 

    So, with this system, Tom can have the same name as Tom but ne will be Tom#0001 and the other Tom#0002. This #XXXX is just for finding the friend you want to add, when added, You will not see it anymore. So you are not poochyena#XXXX you are poochyena and the #XXXX is just to find you. Many people has said it already and if discord is so big as an app is for something.

    Not happy? Use skype or open your mind. 

    Thanks and have a nice day

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    > Can you explain this? How is it necessary?

    Without the discriminator, if I change my username to poochyena like you, people wouldn't know who is who if I also decide to go and change my pfp. I could easily impersonate you and people wouldn't be able to add you properly because they can end up adding me as well. That's what we've been trying to explain from the beginning.

    Discord can't just go and change something so drastic and I doubt they would ever remove it because that would mean their system would HAVE to check all 150+ million accounts for who has the same usernames and have to notify and/or change possibly millions of accounts and that's not exactly an easy task to do nor would it be a smart move on their part.

    > How is discord more free? That is true for every other platform too

    Except on popular platforms like Twitter if a username you like is taken, you can't use it and are forced to add letters or numbers. On Discord a number is given to EVERYONE so EVERYONE can freely pick their usernames even if someone else has it. You don't even see the numbers when you chat. You only need it when you're adding someone so I don't see why the big fuss.

    > and if I don't memorize it? Then what? I can't add people. So now i'm adding people to twitter, pillowfort, skype.... but not discord.

    It's 4 numbers. How hard is it to memorize 4 numbers.

  • eXandric

    Discriminators are going to be come more common as the internet explodes. They are necessary to allow people to have similar names. Discord isn't the only major service to use this. Look at Blizzard's Battle Net. These are going to stay as Ten said. If you have Nitro you can change your discriminator to something easy to remember like #0001 or whatever.


    It's how their system works and would basically require them to redo everything they have done with discord to get rid of. They aren't just some random number added to your username. They ARE PART of your username.

  • Kitsune Luke

    And plus, whenever you are talking to someone in dm or in a server you don’t see their discriminator unless you click on their name to see their profile

  • krkn_

    you don't ever see the #xxxx ever, unless you click on someones profile.... dummy

  • eXandric

    Unfortunately I can't really go into why they decided to do it. It's a design choice. It lets people have more freedom for their name.

    With discriminators you have the ability to always have a username available to you because now the usernames are unique based on the words. 10,000 can now have the username ASDF if they really want.

    I do not foresee them ever changing this, it is becoming more popular in the online community and you should probably expect to see more services move to using the discriminator/new services starting up using it. Your discriminator will never change so it should not be to hard to memorize the four digits at the end of your username.

    I'm not sure I can provide you more information as I am just another Discord user, just wanted to try and help you out is all.

  • alexandra

    sounds like discord isnt for you. just memorize the four numbers its really not that hard lol. i love the fact we can have any username we want thanks to the number tag feature. plus anyone familiar with discord knows each username comes with numbers so im not sure why youre embarrassed to tell people your discord tag lmao.

  • Celeron

    That's not the case, poochyena is your actual username. The numbers behind it are your discriminator. I'm not sure what you want Discord to do if many people want to have the same name.

  • nomyriad

    Without numbers we'd end up seeing usernames like x_tom_88 because the simple, common ones will be taken quickly. Now, people can have the simplest username they like and it doesn't matter if it overlaps with others because the numbers make them unique. A lot of people would prefer to be able to make their username just their first name, or a popular character's name, without having to add extra random symbols on the end.

    It also removes any possibility of adding the wrong person. I remember on skype typing some names in and getting a dozen results, and you'd have to know where the person lives or see a familiar profile pic to know which one to choose. 

    If you tend to mass add people on discord for networking, wouldn't a server be better for that than adding them as friends anyway? Or if it's someone you really wanna talk to, just take a few seconds to look up the number.

    Also, with Discord Nitro you can set the numbers to something different, so if you have real trouble memorising them you can change it to an easier to remember number. 

  • nomyriad

    You can't set a display name in direct messages. which might be another suggestion I suppose, lmao

  • charitwo
    This has no practical application and shouldn't be implemented.
  • nomyriad

    > How is x_tom_88 worse than tom#4245?

    Because x_tom_88 is now on display whenever they direct message someone. The #4245 is never shown in messages, people will always just see "Tom"

    >A lot of people would prefer to be able to make their username just their first name, or a popular character's name, without having to add extra random symbols on the end.

    To expand on this, this would mean only 1 person can ever be displayed as 'Tom'. You can't set a nickname in DMs. With the current method, anyone can be displayed as just 'Tom' if they like

  • tacenda

    Omg. I've been reading this thread for some time now. I'm sick of it. Look... Discord isn't Skype or twitter ok. Its based around a completely different thing. Servers. I have learnt my tag and now its basically a part of me. You can strip my words and quote them all the times you want, but discord does it this way.
    I can't imagine adding people without the tag. Discord isn't based around your real identity. Its based around VIDEOGAMES. Most of them have some kind of tag, or they restrict the names you can get. You don't seem to get this. How am I supposed to differentiate two people with the same names and the same profile picture. And it also protects you against random messages with people who you don't know and don't have anything in common with.

  • skel

    reminder to everyone subbed to this thread that this is all because little poochy cant remember 4 numbers
    i feel bad for you all that type these giant rebuttles just for pooch to say "but no ur wrong"
    god bless you all

  • sully

    how is it that hard to memorize four numbers

  • Penny Lane

    Maybe you can try memorizing the four numbers by writing them down and figured out how they mean something to you. Like number association. Like if your number it 2964 ... maybe you know someone with a birthday on the 29th, your favourite month is June and you have 4 PS4 controllers. If you look up studies, the human mind is programmed to easily remember a sequence of 3 or 4 numbers rather easily (which is why phone numbers are set up this way) And instead of wasting energy being annoyed by this, you can focus on trying to memorize your digits. I am sorry you’ve been struggling with this though. I hope you’re able to enjoy discord once you get past this. I do realize this is an older post but I came across it in a search and felt compelled to respond lol. Hope you’re well! ☺️

  • Don Juan

    Keep crying. It's very entertaining.

  • Rat

    Ive never seen someone be corrected by multiple people and have a blank face and say nah you're all wrong, not even attempting to have civil discourse. this was entertaining hahahaha bruh you are dense

  • kortooney

    Dear poochyena,

    I hate coming off as rude to people, but I hate your inability to discuss with people effectively with a burning passion. I have read every single comment in this thread, and I find it fascinating that there are people out there who are actually willing to type out explanations for someone as arrogant as you. You have not even softened up a little bit, you are not willing to even consider the fact that we could be right. That's how discussions work. You must be willing to learn from others. This is really just a place for you to lash out all your hate onto people who have wasted their time on you.

    I'm about to become one of those people. But if you really aren't as bad as you seem, you'd listen carefully to what I'm about to say.

    The numbers at the end are not part of your username. They aren't. At all. The definition of username of Merriam-Webster is "a sequence of characters that identifies a user when logging onto a computer or website". Guess what? Poochyena, your username, identifies you. The tag is an extra part, a part that helps people make sure they have the right poochyena. I think the best way to think about this is a metaphor. Real names. Your first name identifies you. It is you, and you can change your first name legally. Your first name is like your username. There is probably a million people out there with your first name, but they aren't you. That's where your last name comes in, which is like your tag. Your last name makes it so that when people try to find you, they actually get you. Not someone else. Your last name isn't a part of you at all. I mean, you can change it if you're married, just as you can change your tag with Discord Nitro. Your first name is you. Your last name is not you. Your first name and last name together is your identity, not you, and it's the same with your username and tag. Yes, identity and you are different. When you look it up, you get: "In general, 'identity' is used to refer to one's social 'face' – how one perceives how one is perceived by others. 'Self' is generally used to refer to one's sense of 'who I am and what I am' and is the way the term is employed in this book." As you can see, they (roughly) match the difference between username and tag and username, do they not? Username and tag is your identity, because it helps people perceive you and identify you as you. Self is used to represent who you are and what you are, and you are poochyena. If you don't get the difference by now, then I give up on you and so should everyone else.

    Now, with that out of the way, I will use your logic to explain the hole you have dug yourself into. According to you, your username and tag are your username (I already detect a problem: your username cannot be part of itself). The tag is apparently stupid, and doesn't help people to identify you at all (this does not go well with my metaphor. tag = last name, and your last name very well helps identify you). The tag should be removed, allowing you to just be poochyena (but what if people get that username before you? You can't just by poochyena then). It would be easier if you're allowed to make your own tags ( can...nitro. Plus, you can't pick stuff like phone numbers and you're fine, but you're complaining about this?). It's VERY VERY VERY hard to remember four digits (if you can memorize your phone number, you can memorize four digits). Twitter doesn't do stuff like this (I'll admit I have never used twitter before, but this is like apples and oranges here. You cannot compare twitter and discord, because they are based off of two different things. Discord = servers and channels, Twitter = tweets. Tweets are little messages that people post. Servers are big chat rooms and channels are smaller chat rooms within the servers. If Twitter and Discord do things differently and you prefer Twitter's way, just use Twitter). Get it now? If you don't, ugggggh.

    Anyway, thank you for reading this.

  • Kitsune Luke

    Never said that. All I am doing is giving my opinion about your suggestion, if you don’t like it, ignore me.

  • Raidox

    To clarify the argument poochyena is making, they want complete control over their username and display name.

    Lets define some terms here:

    • username - a name that uniquely identifies a user.
    • display name - the name that is displayed to other users.

    So what Discord does is Displayname#1234 to create a username.

    What poochyena suggests is not unreasonable for a company starting to build their system, but once this decision is made, it is harder than you think it is to change on a technical level and it gets even harder from a customer happiness point of view as your user base grows.

    Here is a reason for why they might have made this decision, instead of going with the twitter model as you propose:

    User acquisition.  The more usernames I have to input before I find one that is available, the more likely I am to not use discord.  When you are trying to get users to sign up for your service, you want to make as easy as possible.  Discord has done this by asking you what you want your display name to be and then generating a username for you based on that display name.

    You may read that and think, "How hard is it to come up with a unique username?!"  Sure, maybe for you it isn't, maybe your name is unique, but other users usernames aren't.

    That may not be what you want, but what Discord did was not a stupid decision.

  • drew

    @poochyena, glad to see you're still passionately arguing about this.
    you're actually making my eyes hurt


    my username is 'dudburst'. my nicknames in servers are usually something stupid, like "shrek is my daddy uwu". before I got Nitro, my discriminator was #2675 - which I came to remember after about a week of using discord.

    two years ago, my username was 'dex'. my discriminator was also #2675. I was in a bunch of servers at that time, and I ran into a couple of people who also had the username 'dex'. I'm not okay with being dex1 or dex2, I wanted dex. with discriminators, I could be dex.
    that way, in DM's my name showed up as 'dex' and not 'dex1'. I liked it simple.

    your discrim is literally irrelevant to everything you do on discord until you click on someones profile page, and even then it's just a little sidenote next to your username.
    I ended up changing my tag to 'dudburst' because my old one was taken everywhere - I didn't want to be 'dex8947__' on twitch, just dex.

    the definition of 'discriminator' is "a characteristic which enables people or things to be distinguished from one another". see, there's a ton of people on discord with username 'dex', and with discriminators there can be 10,000 of us. it's lovely that way.

    your username is NOT poochyena#1412, it's poochyena. if discord wasn't so awesome about the discriminator system, 'poochyena' could potentially have been taken when you signed up and you'd have to settle with 'poochyena_' or  'poochyena1412', etc.
    nobody likes having the numbers permanently stuck at the end of their username, and discrims allow you to pick whichever username you want

  • drew

    I took the time to write out this whole freaking comment for you and you're still being stuck where you were when you first posted, 2 months ago. Are you kidding me? Why would you make a post, open to discussion, if you're not willing to listen to the discussion?

    The way you're thinking about this is wrong.

    Also, why would you want to give out your discord as a 'social media'? I only have 7 people I know friended on Discord, and I usually found them through mutual servers anyway.

  • Groot

    Okay. My username is Groot. My Discord tag is #6545. I’ve been reading through your conversation and I noticed one thing. You seem to be missing an important point.

    Your discord tag isn’t in your username. It isn’t in any way a part of it. You just put it after your username when typing it in so you don’t need to open another box or something.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the tagging system. It’s a really nifty way for me to actually have my username (Groot) which is probably taken by at least a dozen other people. I also occasionally like to compare my tag with other non-nitro users to see who has the better one. I memorised my tag without even trying and I’ve got the worst memory for things like this. It’s not that difficult.

    By the way, I’m also sure there’s some function to the tags other than just so everyone can have the same username. It’s probably rooted in some organisation feature with your discord ID.

    Anyways, I completely agree with what fewscrewsmissing was saying a bit up the page. You don’t seem to be listening and are making the same points over and over again.

    I feel like you’ve actually gotten over the argument, either by agreeing with us or stopping using discord, and don’t want to admit defeat to an argument you’ve lost. But that’s just my thought. See ya!

    Groot signing out.

  • Kitsune Luke

    Did I ever say it wasn’t?

  • Kal

    The "unique identifier" is there to separate you from all the other Kal's on discord, it's not part of your username. When you sign up for discord it asks what you want your username to be. If the numbers were part of the username it would ask for that too. Also if the numbers were part of your username it would show up when you send a message and not only able to be seen by clicking on someone's profile or looking down the bottom left of the screen. We're not clones who are called a number hence why our username has name in it. 
    Look up what a username is and stop trying to argue with stupid points to reasonable people who actually understand what one is.

  • Sgt.Stereotype

    "a million people can have the same display name on twitter, youtube, skype, etc."


    They literally can't. On discord you literally can. 

    This is my favourite thread ever btw. #POOCHYENA2020 

  • skel

    how is this any different than display names? if you're in a server you can change your nickname, or display name, to anything you want. I don't understand how you are failing to realize that this gives users more freedom but you think it should be removed because you can't remember 4 numbers.


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