Add Skin support/modifying the discord layout locally, and support it serverside



  • TheDevFreak
    The only problem with this is it makes Discord lose it's independent branding, which isn't good for brand identification. Other than that it would be a nice, but unlikely, feature to have.
  • Maverick Wolfe

    Actually It would not... There's a UI/chat suggestion change in the wrong area that suggests completely altering discord and changing it to a forum style... My Idea is different than just changing the chat. The Idea here is to have skins/modifications to the discord client itself, Discord would NOT loose it's independent branding this way, it would make itself even more unique. no other chat client other than IRC clients support actual skins that alter the look. There's one multi chat client I called Trillian but that's way different it doesn't include discord. It's function is quite depreciated now too with YIM and other clients it supported being gone.


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