Authorized Applications can change certain account details



  • Alexis

    Totally agree here, being able to automate once account could really come in handy.

    Now selfbots being forbidden, there ain't currently much options. So registering an application to an account (not only reading which would be OAuth2) would be a safe and useful way to do so.

  • AnuJ

    Nice idea !!!!

  • Celeron

    This is a perfectly safe and in some cases, useful idea if applied correctly and with some limitations.

    The user would obviously have to authorize the application to change their account details. If you don't trust an app, don't authorize it.

  • Mid

    Exactly what Celeron says here. People fear it might be dangerous but with the right limitations it's actually pretty safe.
    Just look at how many other medias such as Twitter handle third party applications in such way.

  • lumb'er
    bad idea

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